Starting from a blank page

So I did a crazy thing: I wiped my blog, deleting 5 years of posts and data. Why? I wanted to start something new, authentic and fresh. I’m making a lot of positive changes in my life and with that I’m trying to be my authentic self, not that this blog has been pretend, but... Continue Reading →

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Bucket list : Go paddle boarding completed 12 /08/2022

I have wanted to do this for ages! Simply lovely. I found it really calming and I can’t wait to do it again. I fell off once, managed to stand up a few times and spent an hour bobbing around on the sea. I fell in love within 10 mins. I’ve always loved the sea... Continue Reading →

Dog walk Wednesday: Ringstead bay

So I adore Ringstead. I’m sure my husband secretly hates this walk because of the massive hill he has to hike in order to get home afterwards. The mostly downhill walk from the car park to the bay is picturesque and long, and feels twice as long and twice as steep when you walk back... Continue Reading →

Dog walk Wednesday: Moores Vally

Moores Valley is a fantastic walk, it may be one of my favourites in Dorset. It’s great for dogs, children and adults. We absolutely love this one as there is lots of space, puddles, different paths and routes to take, and there is even several play grounds for any children in your group. It can... Continue Reading →

Dog walk Wednesday: Moreton (Dorset)

Moreton woods is another great place to walk. It’s one of those woods with lots of different routes and paths to follow. With a shallow river, plenty of muddy puddles and a tea rooms you can’t go wrong. The only problem with this walk is it is popular with cyclist and horse riders. But the... Continue Reading →

Friday thoughts

It’s been a hard few weeks, but I’m finally feeling better: happier, more in control, more capable. How ? Well , therapy, time off , crying, sticking to my boundaries,spending time outside and talking to the ones I love. But I’m finally back on track. There is some lingering self doubt and worry but much... Continue Reading →

The Mighty Bucket List

*Originally this bucket list was posted in 2016 and I've been building on it since* In 2016 my wonderful husband took me away for a surprise holiday and in that week we did lots of things from my “bucket list”: Stroked a giraffe, went wine tasting, stayed in a cabin with a hot tub and... Continue Reading →

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