New Year, New goals.

New year, new me? Not quite.

So last year was amazing! I started last year with my amazing husband (well boyfriend at the time) Karl, cuddled up on the sofa with a brew, on Castlemartin army camp, Pembroke. By the 2nd we were traveling to Dorset and not long after he was off to Germany. He drove me home so we could have a little longer together and had to drive back to Wales that night. I finished my dissertation, handed it in completing three years of study, I made some trips to Wales, he made some trips to Germany and I went back to Dorset, I worked in a lovely nursery. My best friend and I had some lovely adventures, I had a surprise holiday in a cabin in south Wales with an outdoor hot tub, we got engaged, he went back to Germany or Poland (one of the two), I had an amazing hen party in London, I got to feed a giraffe, we got married, moved in to our first home, I graduated, I ran a half marathon, I ran over 1000 km, I moved jobs a gazillion times and loads more. So, we ended the year on another army camp cuddled up in bed. A full year.

I’m never good at the whole New Year’s resolution thing, ever. I love our little life, but I have set some goals.

1)      Be more grateful

I have a great life; I think sometimes we lose track of how lucky we are. I’m aiming to be a bit more reflective. Most importantly to tell those who make life great how amazing they are.

2)      Be more sociable

I’m not the best at making friends. Talking to people terrifies me sometimes! But army life throws up some great opportunities to socialise and make friends (although I still haven’t made it to a wives’ coffee morning this year, ooops!). I’m also going to make more time for my friends. Particularly my best friend as since we have left uni we have seen so little of each other!

3)      Save money – yes its cliché

We aren’t rolling in money but we earn enough to start saving! But it’s so hard …. INTERNET SHOPPING = DOWNFALL. I’m going to make a conscious effort so fingers crossed.

4)      More half marathons

More running in general to be honest. Running is a favourite of mine, but it can be easy to sign up for the easier races and be a bit of a wimp. Lots of training and some perseverance needed.

5)      Sleep more

My Garmin forerunner (Sports watch) informed me yesterday that 70% of people my age and gender sleep more than I do (no I don’t know how many people submitted but still 5 hours sleep each night isn’t enough). I love sleep but I seem to miss out. I have no idea how I am going to do this one yet!

6)      Make more memories

Last year was crazy good, so I hope to create more amazing memories.

So wish me luck! 2017 is looking great already.

Have you got anything planned for 2017?



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