Our running events of 2016.

Gung-ho Southampton… was pretty okay

The best friend, Becky, and I signed up for gung-ho because it looked dead cool. It was a giant inflatable course in Southampton which was close to Becky’s home so seemed like a perfect event for us. It was okay, we were in the first wave and there seemed to be a lack of excitement (although it did seem to pick up later in the event). At the time I thought it was fab but later events kind of put it to shame especially as it wasn’t the cheapest of races! More obstacles and a bit more of an atmosphere would be nice!

Good for a beginner though.

Colour run London. BEST THING EVER!

We did this for my Hen Party. I cannot explain how amazing this was! It was so well organised and the people were brilliant it was a new level of fun, and I was blowing purple bogies out of my nose for three days! My hair also took weeks to return to its normal colour! This race is definitely worth the travel and isn’t too expensive compared to its competitors. The merchandise is also well priced and the race packs are fantastic.

We have signed up for 2017!

Winchester half marathon. Oh holy hills of hell.

Wow… this race was killer. Uphill most of the way, not for beginners! And not for those scared of a hill. The scenery is pretty fabulous though. And the race entry was not too costly. I struggled up some of the hills to say the least. The merchandise was pretty snazzy and I love the medal! I was really unprepared for this one put felt like crying when I finished I was so proud of myself. You definitely need to be prepared for the hills!

Bournemouth marathon festival = brilliant event

I signed up for BMF last year, my best friend and I did 10k distance … it was fabulous! Beautiful scenery, well organised and brilliant route. The medal was beautiful and I loved the merchandise. I really can’t fault the organisers we even had to take a visit to the medical because Becky got stung by a bee/wasp *because if it was going to happen it would happen to her*. The Marshals and volunteers were amazing I can’t recommend it enough.

The route was flat too so I would definitely say if, like me, someone slips up on their training you can power through. Becky, who ran with me but isn’t the most experienced runner (yes I’m an awful person who left her behind) even appeared to enjoy the route. I think she was very grateful for the flat. It takes place at the start of October which can still be pretty warm! A five star event to be sure!!

This year I hope to do the 10k again and the half marathon the day after, challenge myself a little.

All signed up for BMF 2017 10k just have to convince myself to sign up for the half!

Happy running!

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