Running Problems.

Running is the best sport in the world (well in my world, I suck at everything else). I love the freedom and sense of pride it gives me, but it definitely has its pitfalls at times. I’m currently having a few…

1.       My shins are really hurting. The pain is unreal at times my poor shins hurt mostly at night and the pain feels like it’s in my bones, I’ve tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to help. Some days I have no pain, others it’s all evening.

2.       My running kit never seems to last long enough, unless it costs an arm and a leg. I also haven’t found the perfect brand. I feel like I’m going for a mixture of different things.

3.       I haven’t found the perfect pair of trail running trainers… Every pair I buy I have abandoned a few weeks in, none seem to have the comfort but sturdiness I need.

4.       My hair! I cannot describe how frustrating this one is. And I know it sounds silly. I’ve got very long, thick hair and no matter what I do, unless it’s in two Dutch braids, it either hurts, falls out or causes my hair to be a matted mess. Dutch braids can take ages but I feel a bit embarrassed asking people “how do you do your hair when you run??”.

5.       I’m struggling to figure out how to increase my distance and at the moment I’m pretty inconsistent doing anything from 5 to 20km but I want to get up to 40km! Not sure how I’m going to do this one yet!

I’ve had some success though, I’m feeling a lot stronger on my runs and feeling like my form is a lot better. My fitness has definitely improved. The transition from road running to trail running was a killer but I get the benefits of much prettier views and being less likely to be hit by a fast car!

Happy running x

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