A photo is more than just a picture.

I drive my husband crazy, utterly bonkers when I snap away with my camera or phone. The poor guy and my poor pooch are continually snapped. To me a photo isn’t just something I can instantly share with my friends and followers on social media (as much as I love Instagram). It’s a snapshot of my happiness, of whatever emotion the other side of the lens invokes in me. There are reasons I love a photos:


1.       They make others happy.

Whenever my husband is away I send him a smiling picture or a snap of whatever adventure I’m on (some more interesting than others). It makes him smile! I’m so lucky my friends don’t mind snapping a photo of me dressed up, out and about or chilling with a coffee. I send it to him (sometimes making them take another photo if I blink or do the ugly smile thing I do!) and he smiles. He even likes the millions of photos taken of us on nights and days out. Even if he pretends he doesn’t at the time, I can tell by his face when he looks at them. My grandad loves seeing photos of us especially if he hasn’t seen us in a while. Sometimes I just want to share the happiness, what’s made me smile might make someone else!

2.       Sometimes you may regret not having the photo

Yes I live in the moment as much as I can, but I’m sentimental and I know I will want to look back. I love happy moments from our past dotted all around our house. When you’re describing a momentous occasion sometimes it’s nice to have a picture to go with the story. I’ve made a real effort to get photos of my husband in his military dress or mess dress as I think he will regret not having taken them when he’s older! Sometimes I look at our childhood photos and people are missing, absent from our visual history… people who aren’t in my life or around now. And sometimes it’s just nice to capture that moment.


3.       They make me happy, especially when I’m sad.

They make me smile. It’s that simple really when I’m feeling a bit low I just flick through my phone or look round at the framed moments on my walls and it gives me a little buzz! Simple as that.

Forgive your significant other / parent / bestie if they keep snapping away, they are capturing the happiness.

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