One step forward, two steps back…then another step forward.

I had an amazing run a few days ago. A few weeks before that I had reached a personal best and dropped my mile time. The next day I suited and booted and prepared to head out feeling pretty positive but 2.5 km in and I could feel myself slowing and struggling on the incline. I had improved not long before so I was feeling pretty pants and even finished my run earlier, much earlier than I had planned, to chuck my running kit in the corner and sulk. I also missed two days of running shortly after feeling a bit of a failure and feeling loss of motivation. I struggle to keep the motivation up when I have a bad run for no reason.  I’ve made so much progress for it to only disappear straight away.

I have a bit of a routine to set me up for a good run: cup of tea, favourite running leggings, pick out my trainers, giraffe socks, little stretch, music on have a little dance and a sing for a while and then off I go! I’ve been running on a trail that’s a mile and three quarters long and in a loop so I just run round as many times as I feel like.  Longer runs need a different route as there are only so many times you can run round the one trail. For some reason, sometimes my routine just doesn’t work.

I spent ages dissecting what is going on with my running. Every time I improve I seem to lose it the next day and suddenly it feels like I’ve not run in years. I decided to add a few things to my pre run routine

1.       Drink a glass of water.

2.       Do a proper warm up (I’m so lazy with a warm up)

3.       Not psych myself out that I HAVE to have a successful run.

I went out today, my run was great. I had only planned on a short one but I made it in good time. I felt good after it too. I kept it short as I was desperate to have a successful run.

A successful run makes me feel different about the day. More prepared for what the day brings, chilled and overall more positive!

Tomorrow’s a longer run… Let’s hope for some improvement or at least for me to not get worse!

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