The New “Bucket list”

Recently I’ve been thinking about all the things I want to do. All the little and big things I would like to experience or achieve. Last year my wonderful husband took me away for a surprise holiday and in that week we did lots of things from my “bucket list”: Stroked a giraffe, went wine tasting, stayed in a cabin with a hot tub and had a spa weekend. So I have decided to compose a new list. Be warned it’s a little long and a little daft! Some are terribly cliché. 104 currently completed!

1. Run a marathon. 
2.Feed a tiger. (I Love the zoo! And I love big cats).
3.Plant a tree. completed Aug 2020
4.Visit Paris with my husband and kiss on the Eiffel tower.
5.Take my husband on a holiday! Paid for and picked for him by me.
6.Attend a music festival. (Yep 25 and I have never been!)
7.Shoot a real gun. 
8.Learn to knit. completed jan 2018
9.Try mussels. Completed 5.4.17
10. meet a member of the royal family completed 2017 

11. Have a dog completed Feb 2017

12.Read all of Jane Austen’s published work.
13.Jump off a boat into the sea.
14.Attend an international sporting event. (I’m not really bothered which one).
15.Climb Snowdon.
16.Ride in a helicopter.
17.Have a professional make over.
18.Learn another language.
19.Learn to go to sleep every night without the TV on. (My husband would appreciate this one). Completed July 2017
20.Ride in a canoe.

21.Fly 1st class.
22.Go glamping.
23.Stay in a cabin in the snow.
24.Run in the London marathon.
25.Read an Agatha Christie novel. completed 16/4/17
26.See the pyramids. (A childhood dream).
27. Make cake pops.
28.Raise £500 for charity. Completed 2020
29.Be able to do a handstand for 10 seconds or more. Completed June 2019
30.Eat pasta in Italy.

31. Buy myself a piece of tiffany jewellery.
32.Fly in a hot air balloon.
33. Sail a boat.
34. Have a makeup lesson.
35.Learn a useless skill. completed 2021
36.Help someone to complete something on their bucket list. Completely September 2018
37.See the northern lights.
38.Attend the Edinburgh military tattoo.
39.Go to Disneyland as a grown up. (I’ve been loads of times as a kid, but want to go as an adult and wear mini mouse ears!!).
40. Pass my driving theory test.

41.Go to the opera.
42.Visit the houses of parliament.
43.Visit New York.
44.Learn to juggle.
45.Bake a birthday cake for someone I love. Completed aug 2020

46.Visit the Lake District.
47.Complete a Masters degree.
48.Visit a Scottish castle.
49.Learn to perform a magic trick. (Something little!)
50.Watch a Shakespeare play in the globe theatre London.

51.Learn to rollerblade.
52.Have a drink in an Ice Bar.
53.Save a decent amount of money. (I suck at saving).
54.Take a photography class.
55.Try out 20 different sports at least once. Completed 12/9/2017
56.Take up and learn a sport. completed 23/09/2018
57.Visit harry potter world in America.
58.Watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Completed jan 2020

59.Take my husband cage diving with Sharks.
60.Have my own Car.

61.Own a pair of designer shoes. (A little superficial maybe).
62.Take a spur of the moment trip with my husband. (Anywhere fun).
63.Stay overnight in a landmark London hotel .
64.Learn a rap song from start to finish.
65.Take my husband on a shopping trip and buy him whatever he wants.
66.Not drink fizzy drinks for a whole month. (Drop the pop for a little while).
67.Sew something wearable.
68.Drink a stupidly priced bottle of wine in a beautiful location. (With my husband or best friend or both!!).
69.Picnic in Hyde Park. Completed July 2018
70.Picnic in central park New York.

71.Make homemade bread from scratch. Completed 1/9/2017
72.Go on an adventure holiday.
73.Ride in a horse and carriage.
74.Write a book. (I told you some would be incredibly cliché). Completed December 2020
75.Create a detailed family tree.
76.Make a handmade gift for someone for Christmas. complete 1/12/2017
77.Attend a murder mystery dinner.
78.Be a member of a TV studio audience.
79.Re decorate a whole house. Completed September 2018
80.Go to an outdoor cinema or theatre. Completed Aug 2018

81.Teach my dog a cute trick. (We will see about that one). completed 11/05/2017
82.Be able to play a PlayStation game competently.
83.Attend an army v navy rugby game. completed 29/4/2017
84.Have my photo taken with a famous person.
85.Have a decent wine collection.
86.Read 10 world changing , challenging, classical or controversial books. (Suggestions welcome). Completed July 2019
87.Learn to be a confident cook. Completed 22/08/2017
88. Go indoor rock climbing.
89.Ride a Segway. completed April 2022 

90.Have our photograph taken by a professional.Completed may 2018

91.Visit a temple.
92.Watch phantom of the opera in the theatre.
93.Go abroad with my best friend.
94.Re pay some of my grandparent’s kindness. Completed January 2018
95.See a comedian live.
96.Do a good deed every day for a week. Completed 10/12/2017
97.Build a piece of furniture from scratch. Completed march 2017
98.Grow a vegetable. completed 2021
99.Ice skate in London at Christmas.
100. Have a gin collection Completed 2020

101.Reach our 1st wedding anniversary. (And then our 5th, 10th, 20th and so on). completed 8/8/2017 (first year anniversary) and our 5th year 08/08/2021 

102. Help to throw someone a surprise party. completed july 2021
103.Make a patch work blanket. Completed 21/9/2017
104.Visit a beach I have never been to before. Completed 9/4/2017
105.Watch a play I would never have thought of watching. Completed July 2018
106. Run the great south run. Completed November 2017 
107. !
108. Attend an England rugby match.
109. Fly a planecompleted Dec 2017

110. Visit a country I’ve never been to before.

111. Start a job or career path that makes me happy completed sept/2017
112. Read a book I would not have thought about reading. Completed 25/9/2017
113. Visit a new city in a new country. It’s been a while since I have travelled abroad. 
114. Design or make my own gin. (we have made wine before)
115. Go fruit picking. completed 2021
116. Try paddle boarding.
117. Stroke an elephant.
118. Design my own piece of jewellery.
119. Be debt free (Yep a big en!).
120. Go whale watching.

121. Visit Jerusalem.
122. Visit the Giant’s Causeway.
123. Visit London Borough food market. Completed 13 July 2019
124. Go on a camping trip. (I have a mild fear of camping. I’ve done overnight as a brownie leader but never a camping holiday).
125. Attend a family reunion. ( I have always missed them in the past). completed july 2021
126. Make something out of clay. Completed November 2018
127. Own shares in a company.

128. Make a Christmas tree decoration.completed dec 2018

129. Take part in a triathlon.
130. Swim with dolphins.

131. Meet a world leader.
132. Make an origami animal. Completed 18/9/2017
133. Be in a play ( I have 0 acting talent!).
134. Go to a book signing.
135. Take a mud bath in a spa.
136. visit all of the ‘G8’ countries.
137. Watch every episode of “Bewitched”.
138. Make Soup from Scratch.
139. Visit Cardiff Castle.
140. Attend a concert.

141. Go to the British Museum. Completed 17/03/2018
142. carve a pumpkin. completed October 2017

143. Go on an over night train journey.
144. Go Vegetarian for a week.
145. Have a second dog. completed July 2021!!!!
146. Watch all of the “Godfather Films”.
147. Make a Christmas cake.
148. Attach a pad lock to love bridge in Paris.
149. Design my own clothing. Completed 2020
150. Make a cheese cake. (boozy one of course!)Completed 1/March/2017

151. Go for a run in Hyde park
152. Spend New Years eve in London.
153. visit a new city in a different country.
154. Go to a casino.
155. Run in the Great North Run.
156. Visit Chester zoo.
157. Eat Haggis in Scotland.
158. Upcycle a piece of furniture. Completed 30/03/2018
159. Learn to crochet
160. Get Duke (my doggy) through his good citizenship bronze award. Completed 28/09/2018

161. Go Vegan for a week.
162. Visit the Roman Colosseum.
163. Own our own home.
164. Move to wales.
165. See the Golden Gate Bridge.
166. Visit a movie set.
167. Eat Waffles in Belgium.
168. Climb the Brecon beacons
169. Learn to sail competently .
170. Own a pair of designer jeans.

171. Stand on the Equator
172. Make a memory jar. Completed 25/02/2018
173. Go on a treasure hunt (so what if I’m 25!)
174. Take a dog psychology/behaviour course. Competed January 2019

175. Go snorkelling.
176. Invest in and create my dream garden or ‘out door space’
177. Take an Areal skills class
178. Try Paragliding.
179. Drink tea in China.
180. Ride a camel.

181. Go Shopping in New York.
182. Go on a Cruise.
183. Spend the night in a tree house.
184. Go Stargazing.
185. Volunteer at a dog rescue centre.
186. Go an entire day without using any technology.
187. Visit Niagara Falls
188. Visit a grown up Soft play/Play Zone centre
189. Release a Floating Lantern.
190. Go Zorbing.

191. See Venice
192. Watch baby turtles journey to the sea.
193. Drink Guinness in Dublin.
194. Stand in Two countries at the same time.
195. Visit Austria.
196. Go on a shopping trip with a personal shopper.
197. Do a mud run with my Dog.
198. Visit the louvre (I’ve been as a kid and you never really appreciate it
199. Watch Macbeth on the stage.
200. Complete our wedding scrap book. completed June 2021

201. Renew our wedding vows in front of friends and family.
202. Cook a whole chicken.Done 25/02/2018
203. Start my own business. started September 2020 
204. Experience a ‘white Christmas’ on Christmas day.
205. Go paint balling.
206. Drink a drink from a coconut.
207. Visit the White House.
208. Tour a Battle ship
209. Visit the Roman Baths
210. Visit the Churchill War Rooms in London.

211. See Loch Ness
212. Visit Edinborough.
213. Go to a Christmas Market in Germany.
214. Learn to speak some welsh.
215. Go on Holiday to Cornwell (as a grown up you never appreciate these things as a kid!.)
216. Visit the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
217. Make home made ice cream.
218. Start a Relf Family cook book/scrap book with all of mine and my husbands favourite dishes. Completed may 2018
219. Run through a fountain.
220. Own a designer Handbag.

221. Drive a tractor.
222. Visit Mexico.
223. Learn to Touch Type.
224. Try Hot Yoga.
225. Make home made Candles.
226. Learn to make soap/bath bombs.
227. Own a Bonsai tree. Completed 26/08/2018
228. Visit the Vatican.
229. Take part in a triathlon
230. Run in 10 different Half marathon events. (2 down 8 to go!)

231. Get my 5km time Under 27 minutes.
232. Go on a Skiing holiday.
233. Learn about wine/ wine appreciation.
234. Go fishing.
235. Attend an event at Buckingham Palace
236. Hand feed a baby animal.
237. Name a Star (not sure how you go about that one!)
238. Create my own Cocktail.
239. Make my own pasta.
240. Throw a BBQ/garden party at our home for our friends. completed October 2020

241. Visit Bondi Beach.
242. Watch Casablanca. Completed 7/5/2018
243. Be in a dog show with Duke. Completed June 2018
244. Walk on Hot Coals.
245. Milk a cow
246. Sleep overnight in a yurt.
247. Stand under a waterfall.
248. Try glass blowing.
249. Go a week without wearing make up. Completed August 2020
250. Bid at an auction.

251. Go to a themed Afternoon Tea. Completed July 2018
252. Become a registered Dog Trainer.
253. Make a gingerbread house.
254. Have a go on a zipline.
255. Add another 100 things to my bucket list. – from this point. completed December 2018
256. Have a BBQ in my own garden. Completed June 2018
257. Make bread or pizza in an outdoor oven.
258. Have a stamp in my Passport.
259. Win a prize in photography competition.
260. Soak in a Hot spring.

261. Learn Tia Chi.
262. Join a Martial arts class (I use to do it as a kid and loved it. Would love to do it again) completed November 2018
263. Become “Doggie First Aid Trained”
264. Run Half a marathon in under 2 hours.
265. Visit the Ilse of Skye.
266. Visit Ireland (another place I visited as a kid but didn’t quite appreciate)
267. Ride in a Gondola.
268. Make home made dog treats. Completed October 2018
269. Visit a Lavender field.
270. Go Puffin Spotting.

271. Visit Cardigan Bay.
272. Visit Anglesey.
273. Knit a jumper.
274. Learn to cross stich. Completed June 2020

275. Make something out of wood. Completed aug 2020
276. See a Hypnotists show. Completed December 2018
277. Catch a wave Surfing.
278. Climb a tree as a grown up.
279. Make a Mosaic.
280. Paint a piece of pottery. Completed sept 2018

281. Get VIP passes for a show.
282. Attend Comic Con.
283. Have my Palm Read.
284. Have a Passive income.
285. Try cheese Fondue.
286. Make a balloon animal.
287. Take part in a Themed run.
288. Run a Sub 8 min mile.
289. Ride on a Jet ski.
290. Ride a Tandem bike.

291. Drink Beer in Germany.
292. Go back to the salt mines in Poland.
293. Travel to Europe by car.
294. Solve a Rubik’s Cube.
295. Tie Dye a piece of clothing.
296. Read a Stephen King Novel.
297. Tea at the Ritz.
298. Visit the real life Hogwarts Castle – Alnwick Castle.
299. Go to a pole dancing class.
300. Be able to do at least 3 Pull ups! Completed March 2019

301. Try Snow Boarding.
302. Go scuba diving.
302. Create a family Logo / Crest.
304. Attend Cirque du Soleil Show
305. Have a facial.
306. Attend a fashion show.
307. Read a banned book,
308. Stay overnight on a house boat.
309. Float in the dead sea.
310. Visit St. Petersburg.

311. Chop firewood.
312. Visit the Forest of Dean.
313. Climb Ben Nevis.
314. Climb Scafell Pike.
315. See a Carnival.
316. See a show on Broadway
317. Be able to do 20 consecutive “Men’s” push ups. Completed Feb 2019

318. Go on a bike ride for the day.
319. Do a full Tough Mudder.
320. Visit the Ilse of Wight

321. Decorate the whole house for Christmas. completed 2020
322. Create my own print /artwork for my house. Completed Sept 2020
323. Learn / attempt to learn calligraphy.
324. Learn to whistle with my fingers.
325. Make something on a pottery wheel.
326. Invest in a small business.
327. Go to Las Vegas.
328. Run barefoot.
329. Wear an outfit I would have never have though of wearing. Completed October 2018


330. .
331. Cut down my own Christmas tree.
332. Sing in a choir.
333. Be able to do the splits.
334. Visit New Orleans.
335. Meet the Prime Minister.
336. Shop exclusively with small business for Christmas.
337. Learn to do my own flower arrangements.
338. Take a ‘random’ class or training day.
339. Make my own Christmas wreath. Completed November 2020
340. Be able to say Hello in 10 Languages.

341. Make my own perfume.
342. Ride in a yacht.
343. Have a meal cooked by a famous chef.
344. Catch and cook a fish.
345. Go to a Drag show.
346. Visit Hawaii.
347. Watch Sumo wrestling.
348. Stay in a themed hotel.
349. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany.
350. Visit a Brewery.

351. Try Laughing Yoga
352. Try a food I have never eaten before.
353. Go Geocaching.
354. Visit a German castle.
355. Go hiking in Canada.
356. Learn to play a song on a musical instrument.
357. Meet J K Rowling
358. Own a First Addition Book.
359. Foster a rescue dog / guide dog puppy / police dog puppy.
360. Try digital illustration completed 2020

361. Visit the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye.
362. Visit the Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral.
363. Have a drink up the Shard, London
364. Go White water rafting.
365. Send someone a random gift. Completed March 2019
366. Jump in a pool fully clothed.
367. Give a toast at a party or event.
368. Explore a Cave.
369. Watch a Sunrise in a different country.
370. Visit every county in England .

371. Bury a time capsule.
372. Enter a contest.
373. Try ‘proper’ Rowing
374. make a tie curry completed 2021
375. Take part in a charity event (that isn’t running).
376. Go on safari.
377. Give a gift to a stranger. Complete February 2019
378. Stay in a hotel by myself. Completed January 2018

379. Go mountain biking. completed 2021
380. Walk the whole of the south west coast path.

391. Take Duke to wales.
392. Gain a graphic design or illustrator qualification
393. Go on a road trip in Europe.
394. Learn to use photo shop / edit photos complete may 2020.

395. Visit Durham.
396. Visit Guernsey
397. Punt along the River in Cambridge
398. Walk the South Downs Way.
399. See the Prague astronomical clock.
400. Visit Florence, Italy.

401. Visit the Tate Modern. (I’ve been as a youngster!).
402. Try a new fitness class. Completed April 2020
403. Make cheese.
404. Climb a volcano.
405. Learn to make chocolate,
406. Go to a water park.
407. Go caffeine free for a week.
408. Send a post card when on holiday.
409. Go and feed the Ducks. (We use to do it all the time as kids) completed 2020
410. Go food shopping at a farmers market.

411. Go alcohol free for a month. Completed January 2019
412. Make home made chocolate truffles.
413. Visit Stonehenge.
414. Visit Holland.
415. Reupholster a piece of furniture myself.
416. Go to the Edinburgh fringe festival.
417. Learn coding (or attempt to).
418. Have a photograph published. completed march 2021

419. Have a go at air-soft.
420. Go on a random road trip.

421. Go Gin tasting.
422. Raise a puppy. completed 2021/2022
423. Wallpaper a room.
424. Go to a jazz concert/festival
425. Re-create a childhood photograph.
426. Make a U tube video.
427. Join a book club.
428. Sleep in a teepee.
429. Sleep in a castle.
430. Have a skin care routine. completed 2020

431. See giraffes in the wild.
432. Give a speech.

433. Go litter picking.
434. Not use social media for 24 hours.
435. Be able to bench press my own weight.
436. Go to bed /wake up without an alarm clock for a whole week. completed june 2021
437. Navigate the London Underground by myself.
438. Invest in a DSLR Camera.
439. Go on a caravan holiday.
440. Cook every recipe in a recipe book.

441. Eat macarons in Paris.
442. Eat fajitas in Mexico.
443. Be a god parent.
444. Land my dream job.
445. Invest in Bonds.
446. Learn to make jam.
447. Go Christmas carolling.
448. Roast marshmallows over a fire. completed October 2020
449. Write a poem.
450. Take an art class / workshop

451. Try oysters.
452. Take part in an in person Christmas market  completed 2021.
453. Nap in a hammock. completed 2020
454. Have a professional pedicure.
455. Tour a factory.
456. Write a will.
457. Start a herb garden. Completed July 2019
458. Reconnect with an old friend. August 2019
459. Be able to do a one handed pull up.
460. Visit Stonehenge.

451. Visit the Yorkshire Dales.
462. Visit Canterbury Cathedral.
463. Visit a castle in a different county.
464. Take a cocktail making workshop / masterclass.
465. Visit Greenwich Observatory.
466. Shop at Camden market.
467. Watch the night-time ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London.
468. Visit Portobello road market.
469. Visit Dartmoor.
470. Visit the Eden project.

471. See the Blackpool illuminations.
472. Visit the Shetland Islands.
473. Have a drink in Britain’s oldest pub.
474. Take a life drawing class.
475. Build a sandcastle (as a grown up)
476. Swim with stingrays.
477. Drive a sports car.
478. Go to Bali.
479. Build a tree house.
480. Take Duke to Cornwall.

481. Take Duke up a mountain.
482. Take Duke to Scotland.
483. Pick wild flowers.
484. Cook a Christmas Turkey.
485. Not watch TV for an entire day. completed aug 2020
486. Learn about my Home town’s history.
487. Visit Universal studios.
488. Visit the Cotswolds.
489. Visit a Donkey Sanctuary.
490. Go Jet-skiing.

491. Have a go at paint balloon darting.
492. Practice mindfulness for at least a week. Completed April 2019
493. Go on a ghost hunt.
495. Visit all 7 continents.
495. Learn to speed read.
496. Complete 100 push up challenge.
497. Go on a wellness retreat.
498. See the Statue of Liberty.
499. Visit a Transylvanian castle.
500. Learn to drive.

501. Attend a cooking class.
502. Stay in an Airbnb.
503. Take an Uber.
504. Visit the royal botanical gardens.
505. Go bird watching.
506. Watch Breakfast at Tiffanies
507. Start a gratitude journal. Completed July 2019
508. Go to Dinner alone.
509. Be able to Identify 5 constellations.
510. Be able to tell the time by where the sun is in the sky.

511. Write a letter to a stranger.
512. Do a 365 day photo project.
513. Get lost on purpose.
514. Explore somewhere new by myself.
515. Watch a baseball game.
516. Run an ultra marathon.
517. Complete a fitness program.
518. Go dog sledding.
519. Have a (flexible) 5 year plan. Completed 2019
520. Go to a Coventry city football match. (Hubby is a fan not me!)

521. Try the Marie Kondo method. completed aug 2020
522. Visit every National trust site in England.
523. Visit every Nation trust site in Wales.
524. Visit Berlin.
525. Attend the Chelsea flower show.
526. Try dock diving with my dog.
527. Walk up Pen y Fan.
528. Make a pie. completed October 2020
529. Eat edible flowers.
530. Eat at a sushi bar.

531. Become a professional dog walker.
532. Have my hair cut short. Completed July 2019

533. Ride in a cable car.
534. Try cross fit.
535. Visit Pompeii.
536. Try Weight lifting Completed 2019
537. Learn conversional French.
538. Watch American football.
539. Go wild camping .
540. Eat out for Christmas Dinner . completed 25th December 2019

541. Host Christmas Day.
542. Swim in the sea. August2020
543. visit a desert.
544. visit a jungle.
545. Be in a magazine, (completed March 2021) :- 

546. Start my own business Completed September 2020 
547. Dye a piece of my clothing Completed November 2020
548. Have a rum collection.
549. Try finger knitting .
550. Go to a hockey game.

551. Be able to do a head stand 
552. Make my own jewellery 


18 thoughts on “The New “Bucket list”

Add yours

  1. I very seldom commentate bucket lists, but Yours was gorgeous.

    18. Learn another language.

    I appreciate it. I suggest Spanish, because it is spoken in many countries.

    23. Stay in a cabin in the snow.

    In Finland in the town of Kemi, it is possible inside of the

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    52. Have a drink in an Ice Bar.

    This is possible inside the Snow Castle

    73. Ride in a horse and carriage.

    Why horse, why not reindeer? Did You know that in Finland in the town Oulu it is possible to participate in the

    Reindeer race.

    It meant for everybody and surely, it is an experience, which never forget. You would love it. This year’s race was las Saturday.

    Happy weekend.


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