The inexperienced army wife. 

I met my now husband almost 7 years ago. We had some time apart but after 3 years back together we decided to get married last year. This is our first posting and I’ve officially been an army wife for 7 months. Although I’m not new to army life I’m new to the army wife bit!! It definitely has its highs and lows, I must admit I’m a very inexperienced army wife!I know very few people in the area mostly because I never make it to wives meet ups! I’ve only been to one coffee morning and one party. I always end up missing the rest as I work full time. I’m also a little antisocial sometimes but it’s kind of okay for me as I have a dog so am never really lonely! We make it to every mess do which is a bonus. 

I haven’t got a clue what to do if something goes wrong in the house! Forces accommodation is new to me and I just pray things only go wrong when the husband is home (and things do go wrong). I don’t always know who the important people are, what the rules are and on one occasion I proved myself to know so little about my husband’s regiment that someone actually laughed at me (luckily we have been posted away most of the time so I do have an excuse). I know little about the facilities on camp or the other facilities available to us. My knowledge is definitely lacking.

There are some lovely high points of military life particularly when you live behind the wire: you meet some lovely people in unexpected ways. You bump into someone, you both have a dog and suddenly you’re arranging doggy play dates! I’ve never lived somewhere like that before and it’s nice. People chat to each other in the street, I know my neighbours and the next row of houses and most of the next. I’ve never had that before. People are also keen to help each other out; so when the husbands away I don’t worry about running out of milk, being stranded on camp all alone, or in one case having to build a bed by myself. people are often keen to help others in their community even if they don’t really know them. This has been unbelievably helpful because if something goes wrong I can ask someone in our street.

There are people who understand the little frustrations and upsets and they live close by! 

Military life over the past 3 years has also meant that I have made and maintained friendships all around the country. In this respect social media and smartphones are great when you need to have a chat with someone. People are always willing to help; and that goes for military wives and girlfriends as well as the blokes. It’s been a godsend especially as some people lost interest in friendships when I started travelling to Wales for months on end when my fella was posted there, and disappeared off the map completely when I moved away from home.

I’m always waiting: waiting for the husband to come back, waiting to find out where our next posting is, waiting to find out when and where he’s going next. Then when the husband is away, I’m waiting for a text or call from him. A continuous, unending state of waiting. After 7 years I’m used to this and have become a pro at waiting. We’ve been lucky for the last 7 months as my husband has only been away a few times. 

At times military life can have challenges but generally it’s pretty good. I’m sure I’ll learn what to do if my boiler breaks and who the next RSM is eventually. 

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  1. I can totally relate! My husband just joined the army and is leaving for basic next week. My biggest prayer is that nothing goes wrong or breaks in the house while he’s gone. Loved hearing about some of the positives of army life. Looking forward to reading more!


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