7 weeks with Duke. 

Duke is now 10 months old!!! And what a big baby he is! 

He’s been a little bit of a pickle this week. Testing the boundaries whenever he can. But at the same time I’ve notice he’s sticking to some rules and is self regulating some of his behaviours. 

I’ve been working on him remaining calm during his walks. He is told to sit at random intervals. It seems to be, for him at least, the doggy equivalent of a deep breath. We took a walk near the ranges when the big guns and tanks were firing; the sit command seemed to help him a lot then! Even thought we where very close he managed to hear me over the guns and stayed very calm. I’m impressed. He follows instructions really well the majority of the time. We are working on the instruction to get on and off the sofa!! He gets it if a treat is involved. 

We have been having temper tantrums at times. Theses are at times a little frustrating and at times a little bit funny. I’m getting faster at bringing him back to a calm state. He’s already massive and is without a doubt getting bigger and bigger! The two breeds he is a mix of (mastif and ridgeback) are large dogs anyway; but I have no idea how big he will be eventually. So it’s great he doesn’t pull nearly as much on his walk…. not at all when it’s just us but quite abit when he sees exciting people or dogs (we are working on that one but he’s still made improvement even around other dogs). I did manage to get him to leave a pheasant today!!! I think that’s a win. I’m not ready to see what might happen if he got the feathery creature.

The husband went away yesterday and Duke definitely understood what was going on. This time he hasn’t been crying for him which is nice. Previous I’ve slept downstairs when he’s been away but I decided last night I wasn’t going to because I was completely worn out… it’s safe to say he sulked. He dragged a blanked to the sofa and refused to get in his bed. That wasn’t his first sulk of the day as I had moved the living room around to stop him getting on the window sill… something that caused much whinnying! But he seems to have settled a little with his new lifestyle Change.  He keeps looking at me then the window in disbelief. 

I haven’t done anymore training regarding takeing him on runs as his behaviour around distractions is far too unpredictable; I’m worried he will pull me over on a waist lead. 

He’s started being a lot calmer with strangers comeing into the house. In fact he’s a lot calmer and controlled overall. His new sense of calm shows just how much he’s changed over the last 7 weeks! He still loves his cuddles. 

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