Running progress (at last!!)

I’ve done it !!! Finally seeing some progress. Have cut out short runs to one a week and now only doing 10km or more for my normal run. I’m finally getting up those hills faster and not being such a wimp! My lack of progress had really wrecked my motivation and I had started slipping into lazy habits so it’s nice to be back on track. 10km is definitely not the longest run but long enough to be a step up from what I was doing before. 
I have noticed I have needed to eat a more leading up to the run and less after. I end up feeling really sickly hungry after my run at the moment. But other than that the step up in training hasn’t caused too may aches, pains or adverse effects. I’m definitely aiming for a Marathon this year!! Hopefully I can do my first 15km of the year next week and I’ll be well on my way to a full marathon!( I sound optimistic now but I’m sure I won’t after 15km).

I set myself some running goals last week and I’ve stuck to some of them; I’m stretching , warming up and I’m achieving 3 10km runs a week (more than that really). The progress is definitely energising. However the real challenge is staying motivated after the next bump in the road!! 

I’ve been challenging my self every other run , that way I allow my self a slower 10km but It dosnt feel like a complete struggle. I can focus less on times and laps and more on enjoying the run. I’ve also not been scared to jog at points in my long run; the goal has been to keep moving. 

I’m hoping next week is as successful as this one. 

Happy running! 

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