2 months with Duke the dog 

Well yesterday marked 2 whole months since we brought Duke home. It is clear he has brought a lot of laughter into our home and he is very much loved. This is our 1st dog together and we have been very lucky. He’s a lovely soul.

He definitely seems to love us as he has to be in the same room as us, cuddled up with one of us or being fussed by one of us. Sometimes he will wail at me till I stroke him! Witch sounds cute till you’re sat up at 11pm trying to watch telle with with a wailing pooch. 

He’s stopped being so destructive and is rarely chewing anything that isn’t his. Which is good!! He does have lots of toys to keep him entertained.

Dukes made some progress with running. He ran along side me for some time today without pulling, jumping or randomly stopping to sniff things. He seemed to really enjoy it. The best tactic is to run after a walk so he’s already had mental stimulation. He’s been having a lot of extra walks a day lately and been loving it. The weather has helped aswell as the extra hours of daylight means more time for walking. He sleeps so much after a walk three a day results in him rarely being awake in the house!! 

I’ve started letting him out for a wee in the front garden. My hope is that he can get use to distractions, noise and other dogs passing by. And hopefully he will learn to listen to me while these distractions are present.

I tried to do some training around other dogs but he gets so excited he almost takes my arm out the socket. Any advice for teaching boisterous puppy’s to stay calm when approaching other dogs?? He gets so excited it’s unreal. He also cries if he doesn’t get to go up to them. Which is a little heartbreaking. I’m lucky to live close to wonderful people who are willing to help with training and bring with them their fantastic dogs. But I’m not really sure where I’m going wrong as he is no calmer.

I’ve contacted a puppy school who do agility training; I’m hoping this will help with discipline. But also he should enjoy it. Maybe they will be able to help with his overexcitment. 

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