10 weeks on: Duke the Dog. 

I actually can’t believe it has been 10 weeks. 2 months and a half!! It’s gone by so fast. He maybe big but he is a big baby. 
We have had more doggy play dates. Duke seems to have more friends than me!! We’ve been realy lucky to go out with other dogs and give him the opportunity to play with them. He’s definitely the biggest wimp no matter what dog he plays with. But playing with other dogs seems to have curbed his excitement when he sees random dogs in the street. He knows eventually he gets to play. He still doesn’t really listen to me when dogs are around though. He does however listen to me in the house and out in the garden. So there is hope!

We have had another pub trip. He was pretty good but wanted to sit in my lap the whole time. What is that about?? Silly puppy. And he cried until I let him which is slightly annoying.

We took him to the mess on a sunny afternoon last week and had dinner with friends. Duke was so good. He’s so much better behaved around people, after he’s had a sniff and some fuss he chills out. Letting him sus people out is much better than pulling him away from people. He was so calm he even let one little girl lead him around on a leash !! No pulling or any other miss behaving. Dukes quite happy to trot around and be fussed by anyone who is willing. He was exhausted afterwards curling up into a ball. One of the girls who’s scared of dogs even chose to stroke him and give him some fuss. I think that’s a win for Duke.
Duke, the husband and I have been on loads of different walks but I think by far our most favourite was to Mupe bay this week. 

Duke got to spend lots of time off the lead; which he loves. He has been getting better and better off the lead. He loves running up and down the rocks and chasing the waves.  
He’s taught himself to go and nudge his lead when he wants a walk, it’s kind of cute, it definitely makes me laugh. He loves being outside. 

We have been continuing to feed him on biscuits and tuna…we tend to pick a dog food from the higher price range as it seems to agree with him the best. Since we have been giving him tuna his coat has been so beautiful and shiny. He realy is handsome.

He seems more snugly than ever. If we aren’t out walking or running we are snuggled up; it’s a good life. 

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