Why I don’t care if they hate my hair… or anything else about me. 

So I dyed my hair; cue people who’s opinions I don’t care about having a negative view and sharing. 

Don’t get me wrong I welcome truth; some of the people I love didn’t like the change and I was glad for their honesty. Some people loved it. For some people it just seemed to be an opportunity to be unnecessarily unkind. An excuse to be mean with under the pretence of being helpful. I’ll never understand the need to be unkind. I’m not sure what drives people to act in that way. It’s not the first time I’ve had negative comments thrown my way; it happens and possibly will always happen. 

Some people feel the need to offer their critique. Maybe, for some, it’s meant in all honesty to be an offering of their opinion on how much make up you wear, your shoes, your hair, your job, your sense of humour, your dress, your voice, your pass times, the way you talk…the list goes on. They are the people who constantly seem to be putting someone down. Wether it’s in rushed whispers or straight to your face. The smirk along side the unkind comment is always a tell. Or in fact the fake look of concern. 
The problem is confront them and you are in the wrong. So don’t. They are normally people hiding low self esteem, so choose to not be a retaliator, be the better person. They are normally the people you would call a bully. 

I decided a little while ago that I wasn’t going to take in these comments. Internalising constant negativity isn’t good for you. I also decided I wasn’t going to be friends with these people. 

Negativity can get you down. Pull you down into a state of mind that isn’t healthy. For me it activated my anxiety on another level, causing me to hate myself, until I decided to take other people’s opinion with a touch of salt. I stopped taking them as truth. I made my own mind up about myself. In the end who’s opinion really matters??

I was prepared for it as soon as I changed my hair. I felt it comeing a mile off. 

So when the negative comments come my way I smile and in my head roll my eyes and say “**** off you twat”. And I simply don’t care what they think. 

Ginger hair. 

Don’t let others dictate your state of mind. 

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