lost my running mojo


So I’m struggling again. 10 minutes into the run I can feel the struggle, can feel my legs rebelling and I keep getting an uncomfortable stich in my side! 4 runs in a row with this awful stich; there must be something going on! A little injury I haven’t noticed, change in posture or something. It is killing me. I’m desperate to get some distance done but even a 5km feels like a half marathon (in fact I think I felt better after the bloody half marathon!).


 Why is it so bad? I just don’t know. I think I’m stuck in a rut and lost my runners legs. I had this a few months ago and it killed me. I love running and failing to have a good run can be soul breaking.


There are so many races coming up and I’m hoping to do a marathon this year as well as a tough mudder. So training is so important. I won’t be able to run a marathon if I can’t even do 5km without a stich! Definitely need to sort it out and get my butt in gear. As well as the upcoming races I am trying to run over 1000km this year for charity; so every run counts as it adds up to this total. At the moment I’m at around 350km so I have a lot further to go and very little motivation. It’s hard to stay motivated with over a week of crappy runs. I’m tempted to treat myself to some new running kit in the hope that I just need to press the reset button.


The most irritating thing about this laps? I was doing really well not that long ago and hitting 8min miles (which is really, really good for me)


Need to find my running mojo, but how??


Happy running!


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  1. Not sure this will help you but…what else do you do for fitness? Sometimes when my legs/ mind are over running I just really focus on my strength training and yoga. Quite soon, the urge to run comes back again because all of these activities balance each other out. So instead of forcing myself to run, I lay off a bit, just for a couple days. I get really good stretching in with yoga and keep building up my strength, especially in my hips and quads. Eventually my legs are dying to shake it out and go for a run. Hope you find something that works for you! x


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