Week 17: my wonderful Duke.

Dukes had been amazing this week,  I know he is amazing most weeks, but this week it has been great to have the company. Karl has been away so I was all on my lonesome; having Duke around to snuggle up to on an evening and  keep me busy during the day is wonderful. He’s a funny puppy. Because of his size a lot of people find him intimidating but he is such a cuddly dog. A dog who pines if he hasn’t had a cuddle before we head off to bed! He definitely knows I need more snuggles when Karl’s away and he acts accordingly (I think he loves it!). But he clearly misses Karl. He looks for him and watches out the window for his car. Thankfully he is however much more settled than the last time Karl was away; I think he knows Karl will come back. He knows Karl wont leave us.


Never left alone… even when ironing.


He’s continues to have lots and lots of play dates with other dogs. Nothing seems to wear him out like a run around with another dog. He absolutely adores a pooch called Buffy. All I have to do is say her name and he’s full of excitement! He kisses her face all the time its so sweet. She has taught him lots of different ways to play and how to be a proper dog; she has toughened him up a bit ! He’s learnt how to play more gently with smaller dogs and how to be rough and tough with big ones. As well as how to tell them off when they go after HIS ball. He desperately looks for the dogs when we pass their house. He loves them so much.


We have had lots of walks with Murphy; another pooch Duke adores. They use to go crazy! The craziness wouldn’t stop for well over an hour. Jumping on each other, growling playfully, barking and rolling around. Now we can let them go nuts for about 10 minuets, acting like mad dogs and getting it out their system, then continue our walk. They still play fight throughout the walk but they’re a lot calmer. They will insist on copying each other throughout the walk. If one dose something the other has the follow it up. Murphy loves to dig holes, thankfully something Duke doesn’t copy, and has lots dotted throughout our usual route. When we are out  for a walk without him Duke likes to find Murph’s holes!! He stands over them and looks at me with such joy on his face. It’s funny what they remember and how they behave sometimes. Sometimes we don’t even plan for a walk with Murph and we still end up walking with him! When he and his owner left the house this morning Murph caught Duke’s scent, we where already out, and come racing towards us! We don’t mind we like Murphy and Laura!


Duke loves his ball.

Duke has some new tricks: jumping on top of and off of a wall/bench/stool. We use the command “up up!” and “Down Down”. He’s definitely adding to his repertoire of commands and tricks! Every week he lea he has half got the hang of “Stand” but we aren’t quite there. We have got to the stage on our walks when, while off the lead, I can shoot my hand up into the air and he will sit down no matter how far away from me he is. However this only works if I have his attention. Sometimes I don’t have his attention. At one point this week I didn’t have his attention. Unfortunately. So Duke did ‘escape’ from me while out on our walk and annoyed another dog walker you can read about the experience here: Bad dog days: When you are the bad dog owner. It warranted its own post because it had me in tatters! I’m over it now, although I feel very judged as a dog owner. We still need to work on that recall.


Duke does NOT like thunder storms. We had a massive thunderstorm Friday night. I thought he would be fine as we live so close to the ranges and there is constantly gun or tank fire. He is never bothered by it. He is bothered by thunder and lightning. In all fairness it was a mighty storm. Before it even erupted he had cried and whimpered till we came down stairs at about midnight. My husband did the first shift and when the storm finally broke I went down stairs and relieved him. There was no way I was going to sleep and Karl can sleep through anything if he is tiered enough. Duke and I had snuggles. Eventually I was able to tuck him up and leave him to sleep downstairs.


He loves the sofa.


Karl and I went for an afternoon/evening in Bath this weekend. Laura offered to take Duke out and look after him in our absence (we never leave him alone for long). I’m so relieved he was so well behaved!!! I was a little bit shocked. I wont lie. But he was perfectly behaved according to Laura. He was good as gold on their walk playing fetch along side Murphy.  And didn’t even bark at Laura when she cam in the house. He was curled up in his bed, his tail wagging happily, when we came in. Lots of kisses and fuss. We curled up together for an hour; me, Karl and Duke happy as can be. 

Duke sleeps downs stair either in his bed or stretched out across the sofa and since he has not been sleeping in his crate we have had no destruction, no bad behaviour and no unnecessary messing up of the house. He hasn’t chewed anything that isn’t one of his toys in weeks!

Tuesday is his op; he’s going to get neutered. We will see how much he loves us after that! I’m hoping he blames the vets and not me.


Big Baby





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