Running 1000km: progress

I’m attempting to clock up 1000km this year for charity. That encompasses training and races. 6 months or so in and I’m almost halfway there!! Thank god. Because I almost fell really behind.
I’ve had a few injuries which stopped me clocking up the kilometres I would have liked to last month and I was poorly earlier in the year. But I’m getting there.

I’m running 5/6 times a week about 5 to 10km. I had to cut my running down because I was struggling with my hip. It plays up every now and again. But it’s doing much better now. So I’m hitting the track again. I’m back to rebuilding my distance and feeling better for it.

I’m going to have to step up my training! The aim is to increase my over all distance each day and I may even sign up for a few more races. I’ve started warming up before my runs and I’ve improved my times; so I suppose things are going well!

Why run for charity ? Simple. I put a lot of hard work into running (and I’m still not fast how does that work??) I’d really like my hard work to help out someone other than myself. However I’m not getting any thinner and I’ve always got aches and pains so I don’t know if it’s helping me 100% (at least I enjoy it).

 I’d just like to do something good for someone else. So I decided to run for charity. My Fundraising page is here: MIND fundraising. 

Poor mental health effects a large portion of the population and is a growing issue. MIND offer support, information and help to those who are experiencing poor mental health. They campaign for change and offer training and consultancy. Like many charities they need donations to keep up their Wonderful work. 

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