Flamingos on fleek! 

Before I start I promise not to use that word ever again (I’m not even sure I’m saying it right). 

I bought a shirt from littlewoods recently and I wasn’t 100% sure I would like it. I’ve been wanting to revamp my wardrobe. To save my bank account I’ve been doing it bit by bit sometimes investing in pricier items. It’s become a long process! I’m revamping to not only look a little more grown up and a little less 18-year-old-student (I’m 25) but also to be less vest-top-and-jeans (my go to casual look). So I’ve tried to step away for my shopping norms and away from my safe choices.

This shirt is definitely not my normal choice of style. The pink shirt from oasis is covered in a sweet flamingo pattern, that I would normally love, but not normally buy. The cut looked lovely on the computer screen but I wasn’t sure how it would translate in reality. Things always look better on the models than they do on me! 
I don’t have the easiest figure to dress; long legs (quite muscular from running), short body (not muscular at all), quite wide hips and wide shoulders. With all that in mind I often love the look of clothes on models but I’m sceptical about how they look on me. 

When the shirt arrived I fell in love. The material is really light and comfortable which was great in the heat yesterday. The cut is really feminine and if I can say so myself I think it looks quite nice on me! I was worried it would look too busy but once on I adore it! 

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s definitely mine. Just proves to show breaking out from your fashion safety net can be a good idea! I heart my flamingos. 

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