Running: too hot to run.

I’m terribly British I know but: this weather is too HOT. Too sweaty, too yucky, too uncomfortable and far too hot to get on with life! 

So my training has fallen this week. I’ve barely got the runs in if I’m honest! And I need to clock up over a 100km in the next few weeks to keep on target. 

I struggle massively in the heat and struggle even more to find anything that takes the edge off. My futile attempts so far: I wear loose clothing, run later in the day, carry a drink and wear sunscreen. Yet I’m still suffering something rotten. No matter what I try, slow or fast run, I feel sick, hot and unbelievably bothered. I have tried not being a wimp; but I am one so that isn’t working.

I just feel like a baked potato on legs. Getting hotter and hotter as I go!! Unfortunately there’s no shaded area to run that’s close by so I don’t even have the protection of trees! 
I need to get my distance up but at the moment I struggle to get anything done. And I’m definitely a lot slower. 

How do you cope with the heat???

Happy running 

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