100 days of happiness: 100 days done. 

100 days of pinpointing the little and big things that bring me happiness. When I started it I didn’t realise how much good it would do me. I live a life full of happiness even in my worst days there is always something wonderful to focus on. 
I suppose there is no secret to living a happy life, no formula, no instruction cheat sheet no number one rule we can all follow in order to live happily. You have to find what makes you happy. 

For me happiness is… my husband. Nothing revolutionary I’m sure. But my husband works everyday to bring me happiness. He’s my best friend, my soulmate, he brings a ray of sunshine to every day. I try to do the same for him and that makes me even happier. Trips out together, days at the beach or lazy days at home; a million reasons to smile. 

For me happiness is… my little circle of friends. I have a small group of friends just a few people. Spending time with them brings joy. Weather that’s a phone call or a trip away. I aim to keep the people in my life who make me happy. People who bring you grief shouldn’t be given the time of day. 

For me happiness is… my dog. My dog bring me so much happiness. He is daft, crazy, cute and wonderful. He makes me smile definitely. He improves my day. whether it’s dog walks or dog cuddles Duke brings endless joy. Haveing a pet is great! And of course I think my boy is the best pet anyone could wish for. 🐕

For me happiness is… a cup of tea or a good snack. So the reason I’m not thin is I love food; food brings happiness. I couldn’t live life watching what I eat continuously. Eating clean is beyond me. I’ll eat a salad but I’ll happily follow it up with a massive slice of cake. And as British as it sounds Tea is the savour of the soul! It brings goodness to the day. Sometimes you can’t avoid having a bad, but you can make it better with a brew. I love loose leaf tea; I like the ritual of making it, pausing my day, taking the time to do something that makes me happy.

For me happiness is… a run . Especially a run in the rain. I love to run in the rain (now we aren’t talking a down pour). But the rain helps me feel alive. I love it. It also stops me over heating. 

For me happiness is… sleeping. Sleep is important to me that’s for sure! Whether it’s a nap, lay in or an early night I am one of those people who not only needs sleep but sleep makes me happy. Lack of sleep kills me. It just breaks me. Taking time to recover from long days is important. 

Happiness is a good book, a day off, a good movie, a glass of wine in the sunshine, it’s a walk to the beach, a moment to myself. Happiness is all these little things. 

The one thing I have learnt? Things that don’t bring me happiness, bring me down or make me unhappy definitely shouldn’t be allowed to make my day an unhappy one. Shouldn’t be dwelled on. Not when there are so many things that bring me happiness. Got to shift my focus on the those wonderful things. Maybe the key to a happy life is exactly that: focusing on those everyday thing that bring joy.

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