Gin is joy. 

We have lived around or visited  wareham requently for a little while now. Some how we have managed to miss the amazingness that is The Red Lion. 

It looks like a standard village/town pub a local that you might visit if desperate for a bit in town but nothing special. 
The lure for us? Gin. I spotted a sign a few weeks ago “over 200 Gins”. Naturally that court my eye because … well Gin!! 

We invited a friend for dinner so we all ate out. Now the Gin collection was impressive. But they haven’t got a list of the Gins they carry. This is because they change them a lot. BUT if your like me and can’t remember which one you tried 30 minutes ago not having a list is a shame. I vow to write it down in some way next time.

 Between the three of us we tried 9 Gins. Siping and trying what the others had ordered. I adored the chilli one; but because of the lack of a list I can’t tell you who the manufacturer is! It was lovely though. Really warm and subtle enough to not overpower my dinner. 

We had dinner there to. Which was surprising good. But most importantly really well priced! ( the reason this is important is because Gin has become very trendy and trendy often translates to over priced!!) 

The three of us ate, had three drinks each (the boys had doubles) and the boys had deserts. All for £75. I’m pretty impressed with that. 

The atmosphere in the pub was very calm and the staff lovely. Such a good evening. Definitely not what I expected in the middle of wareham. We will be back. 

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