Bucket List update: 101. Reach our 1st wedding anniversary.

I popped this on my bucket list with no doubt it would happen; but excited for it to happen.

In 2 days we have been married a year. A whole, full, wonderful, unpredictable year. Has married life changed us? I think its brought us closer. In that year we have moved into a married quarter, gotten a dog, made the most spectacular memories and actually lived together. We didn’t live together before we had gotten married for one simple reason; Karl’s in the army so he moved around a lot. We would spend months at a time together; but this is our first house. No longer do we only spend weekends and holidays together, no longer is there a long journey to just spend few precious days together. And I love it! It’s wonderful. The move has been a big lifestyle change that’s for sure. But I’m lucky to say every time I look at my husband every time I think about him I feel this huge rush of love.

I remember being genuinely fearful that he might run away the day we got married and being shocked at his ease and calm. He was relaxed and natural and I the shaky mess. Marrying my best friend, my first love and my deepest love felt natural but definitely emotional. The 7 years we have known each other had been a whirl wind of emotions, feelings, disasters and romance; but 4 years ago we decided to give it another shot and we haven’t looked back since. We found ourselves stood on a beach  in South Wales and he calmly suggesting we got married (as though he was suggesting that we go out for dinner) and 3 months later we did just that.  We held hands, swapped rings and drank, laughed and where merry with our closest loved ones. And here we stand a year on and I love him with everything that I am. I feel like the luckiest person in the world and can’t wait to reach many more anniversaries.

The year has been crazy in all the best possible ways: we added a four legged baby to our family, we went on lots of little adventures and we have made our house into a home. 


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