Camp fever 

Cabin fever: idiomatic term for the claustrophobic reaction a person who is stuck indoors for an extended period has. The term describes the extreme restlessness, agitation and irritability they feel. 

Camp fever: pretty much the same thing! When you live behind the wire and haven’t left camp for an extended period of time. 

This accurately described me this morning. Fed up of camp. I’m waiting to start my new job and it’s been over week since I left my old one. There is only so many times you can hoover the house and clean the bathrooms, walk the dog round camp, go for a run round camp and sit in you garden looking at… well camp. You start to feel like your feet are itching to get out. The little things become anoying.

I decided the dog and I needed to get off camp, if it wasn’t for dog training and food shopping I’d probably have not left all last week, this week needed to be different. Today I felt like a was climbing the walls. 

Camp is not anywhere near a town centre so I haven’t been able to rely on my old habit of widow shopping or coffee shop hopping when board. No public transport in sight near our home. And the roads leading away are the kind that have no paths and that cars rocket down, there is however a few costal paths and a path to the village. The poor dog endured 4 walks round camp last Thursday; I think even he had reached the point where he didn’t want to see the same paths, building and barbed wire. Even if this camp has its scenic views: you need to get away once in a while. So I popped everything I needed in a backpack and grabbed the dog and off we went!

 Just leaving the gates released all the tension, aggravation and general annoyance I was feeling. We pottered along down to the seaside. We saw faces we haven’t seen before and walked up a massive hill! One I’ve done many times when my husband was posted here before but not since we got the dog; so it was nice and new for him! We stopped and had a cold drink over looking the beautiful sea. Perfect! And most importantly NOT on camp. 

Sometimes, to my own detriment, I find myself being lazy. Staying on site too often because it’s easy. Or seems so. But a 6 mile run off camp is the same as the 4 laps of camp I do to build up that distance; but some how it just feels more effort to walk out the gates and remember my pass. It becomes its own microcosm. The military bubble. It’s easy till the camp fever sets in! Definitely need to make a more continuous effort to get out from behind the wire and into reality!! 

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