Bucket list update: 55. Try out 20 different sports at least once.

So I began compiling my list of sports I had tried for my bucket list; I want to to have attempted 20 sports in my life time. Shortly after I started I suddenly realised, thanks to a good old British education, I’ve actually hit my 20 sports!!! All thanks to a very varied PE curriculum, and a few recent opportunities to try out new things, I hit my 20 sports before I had even conceived the idea of doing it! I’m just not very good at them. Aparently 20 isn’t as bigger a number as I felt it was at the time. 

Here’s my list. (Any suggestions of new ones to try welcome).

1. Football. A school staple. I truly suck at team sports and I honestly have very little foot/eye coordination. I’m also not very clear on the positions and rules.

2. Rounders. I like rounders and even dabbled in rounders as a grown up. I also got to participate when working as a teaching assistant. In fact I adore rounders. Surprising seeing as it’s a team sport. I have a rather rude habit of out running my team mates and getting them out! Quick game in the park anyone?? 

3. Cricket. Now I really love cricket, we played a lot as kids and in my Early Years Teaching days I taught a fair few children to use a cricket bat! 

4. Rugby. Does tag rugby count?? I hope so. Tag rugby was always my go to when children needed a structured play time! No contact and actually quite fun to play. I have a funny feeling that I would suck at contact rugby! But I’d give it a try.

5. Absailing. A random school trip try out and then I had a go as a guide leader a few years ago. I can’t remember if I was any good. But I vaguely remember it was enjoyable! Would like to try this one again. 

6. Tennis. It may not be a team sport but I still manage to suck at it!! I find that being rubbish saps the fun out of this one.

7. Badminton. You can not be great at badminton but it’s still enjoyable. My kind of sport! I recently got trounced by my 10 year old niece at badminton. Was a giggle though. 

8. Running. I love running. It’s definitely the only sport I participate regularly in. I run almost every day. Last year I did my first half marathon. 

9. Kickboxing. I’d definitely take this one up again! I really enjoyed it as a kid. 

10. Judo. Again I didn’t spend enough time on this one! I enjoyed it as a kid though. 

11. Yoga. Does it count as a sport?? I really want to find another yoga class but where I live it’s a bit difficult. 

12. Netball. See number 1. Also I forget when I can and can’t move.

13. Basketball. See number 12.

14. Hurdles. I remember falling over them a lot. 

15. Golf. My husband and I played golf on holiday last year. I was truly appalling. I don’t get the movement. The amount of power etc. And I’m pretty sure I damaged the green. We didn’t even finish the whole round because it took us so long just to do a few holes.

16. Cycling. It’s been awhile. Maybe I should give it another go? I remember falling off a lot. 

17. Volleyball. Fun but again I’m not very good. (There is alittle theme here).

18. Trampolining. How much fun is a front flip on a trampoline right??? It’s been a while though.  

19. Bowls. My best friend introduced me to this one. I actually found it quite fun. My aim is not to bad either!  Aparently. My friend was much better than me though. I urge anyone to give this a go. It’s a giggle. 

20. Dodgeball. Throwing a ball at other people? What’s not to like?

I’d love to say I reached a stages of semi competence with any of these but that would be a lie. However I will definitely try out some new ones I think. I had a bit of a giggle writing this list and remembering some of my sillier moments.

I’ll keep an eye out for new things to try.  

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