Bucket list update: 103. Make a patch work blanket.

So I’ve barely ever touched a sewing machine, despite that I convinced myself that I NEEDED to make a patchwork blanket, so much that I popped it on the bucket list. 
I love the idea of sewing. Making lovely things out of fabric and being able to create nice things out of pretty much nothing. Sewing takes patience, planning and focus, qualities I haven’t always nurtured in myself (but wish I had!). I wanted to try and learn to use a sewing machine while I was off work this week, so my lovely Aunty (and all round bucket list enabler) brought over my Gran’s old sewing machine. Which is probably older than me. 

My wonderful Aunty also taught me vaguely how to thread it and work it. Although she did say she wouldn’t be comeing over again in the near future if I was going to force her to sew again. She sent me the online manual as well, once I had that it was a little easier to use and get my head round. I had to google how on earth you made a patch work blanket (I had a vague idea but wanted to check I hadn’t missed anything important). After all that I was ready to get started! 

After 8 hours (well really 6), re reading the manual several times, cutting up all the material I could lay my hands on and some pretty great guess work I managed to do it! My husband came home at 12am to me grinning manically and demanding he take photo evidence. 

It’s not perfect. The sewing is, in places, questionable. I did a smallish blanket, perfectly dog sized, so I could get some practice before attempting a larger one. It was all a bit trial and error and guess work but the dog loves it!

As I got on with the mini project I got better at using the machine and didn’t feel so nervous I was doing it wrong. I got much better at keeping it all in a straight line and figuring out how to correct any mistakes. I improved rapidly throughout the night; so as you work from one end of the blanket to the other you can see where I got better at using the machine!! 
I have seen some beautiful memory blankets and that’s my next sewing project I think ! For now the dog is happy with his bed…

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