Were we tough enough for a Tough Mudder Half?  

I ache. I’m soar. I’m pretty sure my ear is still full of mud! Yesterday the bestie and I completed a Tough Mudder Half. 5 miles 14 obstacles. It was undeniably brilliant. 
I’m loving my headband and T-shirt! I Loved my pint at the end, but that didn’t last long, and I’m feeling proud. 

First things first: I’ve heard a lot of comments about the cost of a Tough Mudder: All I can say is this run is SO worth the money. It’s well planned, organised and executed. I’ve run quite a few events from colour runs to the Winchester half marathon: this was planned so well! The obstacles are great, the staff wonderful (and helpful) and the event is full of stalls and freebies. It’s worth every penny of the race fee. 

Second things second: a half is definitely not a cop out! It’s still tough and muddy. It’s full of tough looking people and tough looking obstacles.  Saying that, we are now scrambling our team together to book a full one! 

Me and Becky ready to go!

My friend and I where a little bit nervous. I do run a lot so I wasn’t too worried about the running side; but I was more than a bit worried about the obstacles. We both hadn’t trained enough. But…There was nothing to be worried about! This is NOT a race: it’s a challenge. Lack of training is counteracted by being determined, help from others and a bit of adrenaline. The half didn’t have the “monkey bar” style obstacles which suited me! Parts of the run you couldn’t even attempt to run as It was so muddy, sloppy and slippy you ended up on your bum! 

Becky ready to run
Me pre mud

They heavily emphasise the importance of helping each other. And it is important! Especially when, if like us, you have little legs! We wouldn’t have made it over half the obstacles without a little help. We where battered and bruised and on a high as we crossed the finish line. 

It was definitely a new experience: plummeting face first into muddy water, helping to lift a 6ft man, being piggybacked by a complete stranger and clambering over muddy mounds into freezing water. Oh and having to high five people we didn’t know (that’s a big thing for us. We arnt realy ‘people people’). It was wee bit terrifying when my friend and I jumped into aparently waist/chest height water only to become fully submerged! Aparently we are vertically challenged. I swallowed far too much muddy water and a lot went up my nose. That didn’t stop me going face first into it after climbing over the turning obstacles in the make shift lake! 

We had a mud fight, we stood on people’s shoulders, we worked as a team with people we didn’t know and we enjoyed every second of it (even the near death). 

Here’s to next years! 

*I’ll add the ‘official photos’ to this post when they come in!*

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