Running: Trials and triumphs of the not so fast runner. 

The last few months have been testing ( to say the least ). I have regressed, don’t often see any improvement and have slipped into laziness. I’m bored of my running route and desperately slipping out of love with running! I don’t know why I have been unable to get my head in the game. I suppose there has been a shuffling of my routine: I’ve recently left my job, had a few weeks off and not knowing what was going on and started a new job. In that time I let the laziness sneak in. I’d run 5km then give up. Its annoying. I know I can do twice or even three times that with ease. 
So that is the trials : laziness and change of routine spoiling my fun! But yesterday I had a triumph; I ran a sub 8 min mile. That’s good for me because quite frankly I’m not fast. I’m the tortoise of the running world. But I suppose I’m not really built for running. I just like it so I plod along and do my best to ignore the people rushing past. I’ll take my sub 8 and have an evening of smugness. 
Lately the tails have definitely out weighed the triumphs. I’ve had not one but two injuries requiring rest. (What’s that about??). One which hurt so much I struggled to breath and a dodgy hip. I’ve rested so hopefully they won’t be returning! I feel like I’m Im perpetually nursing an injury. 
I keep saying it but: I think I need a challenge. I need some motivation (and an extra hour in the day). I’ve got a 10km Saturday (I have been lazy and not run 10km in ages) and a 10 miles event at the end of the month; so i suppose I better get my but in gear. I’m just hopping the excitement and adrenaline take over. Hopefully that’s motivation enough to run a decent time. 

I keep saying it but I definitely need a more interesting running route and a change of scenery…. maybe my 10km will be just that?! A nice run along the beach . A much needed change? 

 Happy running all, 

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