Running: Finding the love. 

I’ve had some awful runs of late . I’ve lost motivation again and again; and fallen a little out of love. The last few runs have felt more of a chore than something I genuinely enjoy.

I had signed up for the Bournemouth Marathon festival 10km last year. I’ve done the run before and thought it would be a nice easy event to throw into the mix. That was till my training regime flew out the window. 

I was really worried about yesterday’s run. I have started a new job and I’m just settling so I’m tiered at the weekends and I need some new kit. But mostly because I haven’t been training. My runs have been fairly short and slow. And because my training has been less than great I expect a shocking time from yesterday’s 10km. 

A lovely surprise was that yesterday’s run was great! I was reminded of how much I actually love running. There are very few sports that when surrounded by hundreds of people the only person your competing with is yourself. And when you don’t come in on the podium ( or even 900 people behind ) your still a winner. 

The run itself was lovely to. Flat, paved and on the sea front with stunning views. A nice change from the trail running I’ve been having to do at the moment. Less up and down more straight forward; Which really helped my overall time. 

I came in at sub 60! 58 minutes 30 seconds to be exact. I’m happy with that. More than happy with that. Especially as it’s better than last years time: and I certainly wasn’t expecting that. 

I seriously enjoyed my run and I’m feeling a lot more motivated for my next one. Looks like all I needed was a good time and a medal. And of course I followed it up with a cocktail. 


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