Maintaining momentum.

My biggest challenge when it comes to running is keeping going. Keeping up a good training program for a decent amount of time seems beyond me: I start off well, I become a-bit rubbish, I improve, then again I’m rubbish! Which means I see little to no real improvement. My times just don’t get any better. 

But! (There is hope for me yet) I’ve had a few back to back races lately and with That I’ve actual seen some improvement. I’ve had a Tough Mudder and a few weeks ago I ran in the Bournemouth marathon festival, only the 10km, and I got a pretty good time. Better than I had expected and, as always, I realy enjoyed the race. I started feeling a lot more positive; which meant I went out and got a good few runs in before the last big race of the year. 

I realy love a race; the atmosphere, running alongside everyone else, the excitement, the novelty of it and of course the medal and tshirt. I tend to always do better than I expected to aswell.

I did a 10 mile run Sunday (The Great South Run) and I actually noticed some real improvement. It seems the kick of motivation post Bournemouth and last minute training payed off.

I actually felt fit and able to maintain a good pace. The biggest improvement was that at the end of the race; I actually felt great. The last few miles didn’t feel like they where killing me. 

My time wasn’t bad either ! I was aiming for sub 2hours as my training had been a shambles. 2 hours seemed slow but not too slow. I’m not the fastest any way. I came in at 1 hour, 37 minuets and 46 seconds. Which for me is not bad at all!!! Especially as I haven’t run more that 8miles in the last year! I’ll take that and be happy. A bit of success was a shock! 

The motivation seems to have stuck ; I went for a run last night despite the horrific weather.  Yesterday I went out with out my music. Which is really rare and still did my little run in a good time. I’m looking forward to my next big run. Seems like my biggest motivation is a race bib….so I will have to sign up for more.
Happy Running, 

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