Running through the cold snap: or more accurately Not running through the cold snap.

Its killing me, this weather, I just don’t seem to be able to run! It’s been either too dark, cold, wet or so windy I can barely put one foot in front of the other. My body is really feeling sluggish since I haven’t been running, my brain is feeling less able to cope with life’s stresses and typically my appetite hasn’t adapted to the reduction in exercise. I’m eating my way to a bigger waistline. I’m by no means a couch potato so I don’t know why my motivation takes such a hit! I love being active and getting out and about; I have a large dog so I really have no choice but to be an active outdoors kind of person. My running has fallen to pieces again and I’m at a loss of what to do. How do you stay motivated ? How do you beat the challenges winter throws you ?

I can, in most instances, cope with the cold. Even though I think I am in desperate need of some new warm kit. The cold is fine; but the darkness! Oh the darkness is a nightmare. Typically I trail run because where I live is mostly trail; unlit, uneven and often puddle-ridden. I used to run in a suburban town so had no problem with running at night (bless you, you wonderful street lights!), now I live in a rural area the old head torch is all I have to rely on. The problem is the ground is so unpredictable, especially if its been raining, it’s still not much help. I’m also a bit scared I am going to be attacked by a serial killer, clearly I watch too much Criminal Minds, nevertheless the dark is impacting my running big time! I’m getting about a mile in on week days, when I was getting 3 +, weekends are a little better but as I’m running so much less in the week the weekend runs are a struggle and a half! I managed a short 3 mile run today and I know I could have done at least 6! But somehow my brain had convinced itself that I needed to stop as I hadn’t run that far all week. Last year I finished work before it was dark everyday but now with my new job there is no such luck (but a girl’s got to work or she can’t but new trainers!).

What is it with winter and the injuries? I seem to constantly have a niggle or pain. This seem to be a winter thing no matter how hard or far I run (or don’t run) I manage to cause myself an injury. I’m a little suspicious that this is down to my abysmal warming up routine. My warm up for a 10 mile is a little arm stretch and a strange jog on the spot! There is no point in me seeking advice on this one as I know its all my fault.

Cold kit; I never really get this one right. How many layers do I wear? What’s the best cold kit to get? Most of the time I throw on a hood and I’m either too warm or still freezing; but I manage to run through that. When its tipping it down and gale-force winds I just abandon my run altogether. But I have a feeling I wouldn’t have don’t this when I was living in a town. I’m sure I was never such a wimp as to avoid a run because of rain. Village life has made me a wimp! I have no idea why I feel so different running a trail in the rain.

I have a week off over Christmas so I’m going to do my best to get out during day light hours, and if not, we are staying with family and they live where there are street lights (I would have never have thought I would get so excited about street lights!). I’m desperately hoping that this little winter disruption doesn’t last too long!
Happy winter running all!


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