Bucket list update: 109. Fly a plane.

Today we did the coolest thing! Karl and I took to the skies. We took turns to fly a 4 seater plane. I loved it. So did Karl. I brought the experience back in August to mark our one year wedding anniversary. I wanted to do something neither of us had ever done before. It’s was fantastic, the plane itself was tiny. With pealing interior and lots of switches and knobs that look far too complicated.

Karl went first. We donned our head sets as instructed by the small high vis clad teacher; He was lovely! He talked karl through the take off and pretty much before you knew it we where in the air. The plane bobbed along quite happily as karl steered us left and right. We flew over Bristol docks and had a fantastic view of the sevens bridge.

After Hubby’s go it was mine. Flying is surprisingly easy the little plane is really responsive to any movement on the controls. It’s forward and backward and left and right… easy as that!

There’s something quite magical about flying. The site down below is breathtaking. Its truly wonderful and Bristol is so beautiful from the sky.

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