January 1st.

Isn’t January the 1st a wonderful day? The start of a new year; full of hope and joy, for some, full of dread and foreboding (so not so wonderful). Lots of us like to reflect on the past year and express our hope for the year that lays ahead of us. Some of us, perhaps a little pessimistically, suggest its just another day and therefore we should all get on with it and refrain from soppy social media posts. I’m afraid I will for ever be the soppy poster; wishing to express my gratitude for the years highs and my readiness to forget its lows. In previous years I have been happy for the year to pass and have merely expressed my wish for a better one. Thanks to Facebook and TimeHop, allowing me to see previous January 1st posts, I got to have a little laugh at myself today.

One post really stood out to me. One I made in 2016. I had had a great year and was ready for all the wonderful things I thought where coming in 2016. The post was full of excitement and little emojis. I had no idea when I wrote that post that I would have a truly spectacular year. I didn’t know that I would get engaged and married by August. That my life would change massively. There were other posts from past years where I had no idea what was about to hit me; what a horrible time I was due. And other posts where I couldn’t help but laugh again at my absolute cluelessness about what lay ahead of me when i typed out that little January 1st message.

My point? On January 1st we have no idea what lays ahead, what wonderful and spectacular things the year may bring. We also don’t know if sadness, loss or other things we would wish to avoid are coming. However, I did notice that my pessimistic posts were often followed by an awful year. My positive posts where followed by happier times. Now I’m not saying that what you put on social media dictates your life and the year ahead, or that you can have a year devoid of hard times; what I am thinking is that a positive approach to your year could yield big results. I’m so excited for what this year may bring us for the unexpected that is coming our way. Yes not all of it will be good but I am damn sure not all of it will be bad either!

We have no idea what 2018 will bring. I have no idea where we will be living after August as my husband posting here comes to an end. I have no idea whether I will be successful in my interview for my new job. I don’t know what will happen to our little family but what I do know is we have had an amazing year this year. I can’t predict the year ahead and I have learnt not to even try!

However you feel about new year’s eve/day it’s an opportunity to let go of what’s caused you hurt and opportunity to put it behind you and start afresh. I know I am one of those people who needs that. A begging, an end and a fresh start. January 1st for me gives me an opportunity to think about what I would like to focus on; what I want and need. The direction I would like my life and my little family to go in. last night I snuggled up to my husband and asked him the same thing I have asked him every year: what was your favourite part of the year? What do you want to happen next? What adventure should we have?

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