Slow and steady wins the race; or so I hope.

I’ve recently fallen off the wagon a bit when it comes to running…. I feel like I am constantly saying this at the moment. Over the last year my running has been horrendous! I’ve managed some good times in races but my overall training hasn’t been great. My commitment has slipped. Lately it’s largely because my working hours have changed. oh, and its dark, gloomy and I run mostly on a wobbly track. A very damp wobbly track at the moment. Running through sludge isn’t always appealing especially when you are already cold and tiered. I’ve been running sporadically and barley more than a mile. My times haven’t been awful so that’s a positive note I suppose.

I’ve enjoyed my short, swift runs, but, I’ve hated not running further.  Unfortunately when running by head torch its easy to slip and slide on the muddy track. I have fallen over a few times (I’m not too embarrassed to admit!).

A few day off has really helped, I’ve actually managed to run during the daylight, and because we went away for a few days on a pavement! I’ve kept my runs short; because I have been so rubbish lately I don’t want to risk an injury by pushing myself. Instead my plan is to build my distance back up and at the same time keep running 5 to 6 times a week. My hope is taking it slowly means that I’m setting myself up for success rather than run ten miles and find myself unable to run the next day.

I’m not sure my tactic is going to work but I’ve been pretty consistent about getting out to run. The next step is to get some more distance covered! I genuinely feel like I could run much further and I feel real positive after each run.

I’m hoping this year I can improve and keep improving!

Any advice on how to get back on track is welcome.
Happy running all!

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