Big-dog-little-handler: pawly puppy!

Duke has not been himself. He’s had kennel cough. Kennel cough is a infection, which is similar to a chest infection in humans, that is highly contagious. There are several things that can lead to kennel cough and they often work in tandem to cause the condition.

Dogs are most susceptible to kennel cough when they are stressed. Like people their immune system can be compromised. I think Christmas may have been a little too much for him and he came down with the illness shortly after.

It’s safe to say poor Duke looked very sad and miserable with it. For the first few days he really did struggled. He kept climbing on to the sofa and curling in between the two of us looking very lost.

The coughing was awful. A really bad coughing fit would make his whole body shake and his chest heave; my poor baby!

Duke was really out of sort but he did manage to shake away the sad soppy look after 3 to 4 days and was ready to be back out walking again. The only issue was that kennel cough spreads like wildfire so walking was out of the question! So cue lots of puzzle toys, mini training sessions and chasing duke around the living room to burn energy.

Kennel cough is unfortunately very contagious. So contagious that the pooch can spread it around before they even have symptoms; however luckily they are usually only contagious for the first 7-10 days of illness. So thankful as Duke’s cough has almost disappeared he is also coming towards the end of his ‘infectious stage’. Which is brilliant because he is getting bored and naughty. We are going it play it safe and leave it a few more days before we head out to the beach or expose him to other pooches.

Hopefully we will be back to causing havoc in the forest and back to training classes in no time!

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