If you give up because it’s hard it will never get easy: running through January.

Urgh January Running brakes my heart. It’s cold, damp, windy and dark! I want to love the run but due to general poor training over December every run feels twice as long while Running; but feels like little has been achieved once finished. I seem to constantly hurt throughout January too. My training is so all over the place I’m injuring myself constantly.

I’ve managed to improve my consistency. I’m running more frequently again (hurray) and feel better for it. I’m also getting out even when I feel tiered. But my distance isn’t building up. Why? Because I hate running on uneven ground in the dark. And I just can’t get over this hurdle. Someone throw me some motivation please! Or force me out into the night and don’t let me in till I’ve run for the minimum of an hour.

I need a 6 mile plus run to feel like I have worked. These short runs leave my injuries hurting but I don’t feel that good-run-tiredness in my muscles. I haven’t felt that way in ages and I miss it! Probably since I ran the great south run (that feels so long ago). Despite my love of running there is a real mental block with getting out; my excuse list is as long as my arm. I don’t know what’s wrong with me because I want to get out but I find reasons to stay at home. I miss wales!! Castlemartin was my Running comfort zone and I wouldn’t be having these avoidance issues there! I miss that expanse of road. And I miss poole! With those wonderful street lights. Night Running was a breeze.

I’m determined to just keep pushing and hopefully sort my self out! Oh and sign up for a marathon!

Running in January Great south run

Happy Running!

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