28 Days of Healthy Living; Day one.

It’s suggested it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit. Although this 21 day bench mark has been greatly debated, its generally agreed, it takes over 21 days to make a behaviour stick. I’m giving it 28 days. 28 days of aiming to be healthier. To eat better, exercise more frequently and make healthier choices throughout the day. this is with the hope that by the time the 28 days is over I will have created a much healthier approach to life. simultaneously shaking some unhealthy habits that have built up. I’m not aiming to lose any weight, even if a could stand to lose some, I will hopefully have just made a habit of making healthier choices.

Now I’m afraid I’m not a ‘Clean eater’ and will never be, I like my food, but I already live a relatively active lifestyle. I’m pretty fit as I’m a runner and have been for a while. My health stats on average are good; but I have found post-Christmas and post a few weeks of broken routine (6 weeks + of change really!) I’m being extremely lenient. The winter and change of job has destroyed my running motivation and in truth healthy eating and exercise have gone out the window. Which has resulted in me struggling to bring things back to normal. I’m full of excuses and reasons why I cant and that’s just no good!


I want to run a marathon this year so I need to kick start some healthy living! I’m not going to be super, super strict so I’ll be allowing some un-healthiness into my day because, come on, what’s life without a bit of strawberries and ice cream?? There is some evidence that diet and exercise work better and last longer when you allow yourself to cheat a little (which is good news for me) now and again.

Day one began today!

I’ll be honest I started off pretty easy. I went to see my best friend so I didn’t run today as once I had got home it was dark and damp. Although I did take the dog for a brisk walk so I suppose that’s still good! and spent most of the day on my feet even with the travel there and back.

Food: Veggie cooked breakfast and a salad for lunch. That’s pretty good for me because I was in Southampton; surrounded by scrummy places to eat and lovely pudding places! I really love pudding and would happily have a sweet treat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’m not a veggie but I’ve read that vegetarian alternatives are healthier than things like sausage and bacon and the calorie count is definitely lower. Dinner wasn’t the healthiest, but chicken and past isn’t too bad! Plus it’s one of my husband’s favourites.


Toast, avocado, mushrooms, beans, spinach, veggie sausages and tomatoes 
Even though I went for a less health option I still managed to have a small portion!


Exercise: we spent a lot of the day walking around so that plus a dog walk meant I clocked up 14,155 steps which isn’t bad! My Garmin put my calorie burning count at 2,162 which isn’t great for me but isn’t awful for a lazy Sunday. I also did 50 sit ups and push ups because that seems like something you do when your trying to exercise more!


Promoting good mental health: mental health after all is as important as physical health. I went to see my best friend today. I sometimes feel a little lonely where I live as although I have the worlds most amazing husband I don’t have very many friends. It can be lonely and isolating. So seeing my friend was amazing. Girly chat, a moan, a giggle and some time to chill out after a busy week, exactly what the doctor ordered!

The unhealthy bit: Ice cream and strawberries after dinner and a glass of wine! Its Sunday and day one after all.


Over all: it’s not a bad day, not the best, but a cognitive effort and we can move up from here! I didn’t eat half a loaf of garlic bread with my pasta and I didn’t eat sweet treats in town. WIN

Wish me luck for the next 27 days!

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