28 Days of Healthy Living: Day 3

If it takes a minimum of 21 days to make a habit I’m going to be generous and give myself 28 days. 28 days of aiming to be healthier (Hopefully). To eat better (maybe) , exercise more frequently and make healthier choices throughout the day. This is all with the hopes that by the time the 28 days is over I will have created a much healthier approach to life. I’m hoping to run a marathon at the end of the year and want to be healthy and ready when I do!

Day 3 was pretty Okay!
My downfall is always work. I work at a desk and its so easy to munch away at anything I can find. Its pretty easy to eat for the sake of it. And because I work between the hours of 8 and 5 it eats into my exercising time! I spend all day sat at my desk and don’t stretch my legs nearly as much as I should.  Although I was at work today I still managed a bit of self discipline. I’m feeling pretty good but I don’t know whether that’s a result of the healthy habits or the smugness that I haven’t done too badly!

Food: strawberries and natural yoghurt for breakfast (my favourite) with a bit of honey. I had a snack of little tomatoes and some smoked cheese on crackers. For lunch I had porridge! I had a handful of dolly mix to (I know I know not exactly healthy). Dinner also wasn’t healthy-healthy but in the grand scheme it isn’t too bad (and was dead yummy) Camembert with garlic bread, chips and some chicken (basically whatever we could dip in!). I also had a glass of white wine which was entirely my husbands fault as he suggested it (it to was yummy and worth it). I drank a lot throughout the day; water, cranberry juice and tea so did well to staying hydrated! most importantly I haven’t felt eating boring, even though I’ve been trying to stay away from my usual salty or sweet treats.


Exercise: a healthy 17293 steps. I did a 5.5 km run. 100 sit ups, 50 press ups and a 70 second plank. I also took the dog out for two walks as always. So in all not too shabby again. I loved my run and cant wait to up the distance.


Promoting good mental health: I will be curling up on the sofa with my book before an early night. Cuddled up with my hubby and puppy which definitely makes me happy.

The unhealthy bit: I suppose dolly mix isn’t the best, but I only had a small amount so I’m reluctant to call it unhealthy! I didn’t sleep well so the lack of sleep caught up with me today so I’m aiming to sleep a lot more tomorrow.

Overall: a pretty good day if you’ll forgive me the sweets. I’m feeling pretty motivated still which is a good thing!

3 down now wish me luck for the next 25 days!

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