Bucket list update: 94. Repay some of grandparents kindness.

This was something I would have never been able to complete in full. But when I put it on my bucket list I hoped one day I would be able to make a gesture that went some way towards thanking them. Even giving a kidney wouldn’t feel enough they were in no need of kidneys just a bit of manual handling and packing. I lived with my grandparents from 10 years old to 18. And moved back in at 21 when I went to university. Like most families at times we didn’t always see eye to eye, we argued and drove each other crazy; but they did everything in their power to support me and I’ll never forget that.

When I moved out and got married I felt like I couldn’t be their to support them as I no longer lived so close. A few phone calls a week didn’t feel enough. Although we are only 40 miles away the distance does make me feel a little disconnected from their day to day lives.

A few weeks ago I was given the privilege to help them, to go some way to make a small gesture to show a bit of love and gratitude.

They moved house, from a three bed to a one bed. Which meant a lot of packing, down sizing and shifting furniture. My husband and I went over as many times as we could and offered all the help we could. Four days of packing and arguing over how many whisks or colanders a person needs.

No gesture will ever feel big enough. But it was nice to do something! To show them I love them and to be useful, to make a difference to their day.

until I win the lottery and buy them their own massive house and cleaners and a person chef it seems that’s all I can do.

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  1. You are an amazing young woman Isabell – our photo taken at the top of Titnagell Castle remains a special memory for me. How you respond to life situations,events challenges and personal relationships fills me with pride. Your wedding to Karl was a joyous occasion, and you relationship with your husband [and his with you] is wonderful to see and be part off. E iho ana O Luna.
    Love Allways, Granddad xxxxxxx


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