Big-dog-little-handler: Steady Progress

We have had a few near perfect training sessions. Duke has been doing amazingly. Even when other dogs have been getting over excited Duke has managed to keep his cool. He’s been much more focused and task orientated than ever before. I’m even been getting more than ten paces away from him when I tell him to Stay! at one point I wasn’t even getting 3 paces away before he would get up and follow me. so 10 is FAB. I’m pretty impressed with him. He can still be a little fidgety while waiting his turn; but he much less of a trouble maker.


His recall during training has been great and his emergency stops been impressive. We are still working on bringing these things into the outside world. At times I get a little worried as we have had him a year and not having him off the lead feels such a shame because he loves running. But really, it’s a safety issue. He can be off the lead in safe areas. But not where there are possible bikes to chase! I honestly think we will get there with a bit more time and a bit of faith (so dog god wherever you are; help us!). I just want to be able to let him run around the woods safely.


We have completely cracked barking when we come in and out of the house! For the last few weeks we have had no barking when greeting us at the door. WIN. Even when I came in at 12am. His tail wags excitedly and he sometimes does a little half jump, out of excitement, but he is bark free! YAY.

He is getting really good at the Rally-0 most of the mistakes are mine and not his. He looks a little less clumsy while going around the course (but he’s still not as polished as his other 4 legged friends). My problem is I seem to forget my left from my right and whether I am coming or going. I turn into a bit of a idiot really.


He’s also improved out on walks, there is still a small bit of leash pulling but in general he is a lot more controlled on walks. We have had less instances of him jumping up and mouthing on walks and getting out of control. If fact he hasn’t done it once since mid-December!!! This was a big worry for us, but he seems to have grown out of it. Fingers crossed he really has. He jumps up every now and again when we are at home; but like most lingering behaviour problems we are working on that one.
This week’s challenge to overcome: demand barking. And we seem to be managing it already!

he is really good at jumping to catch a treat


He really is the most amazing dog and surprises us all the time. I know we will get there in the end.

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