Finding my stride again!

It would appear that after over a year of struggling to get into a running routine I have fallen into one. And after a year and a half of minimal improvement I’m starting to improve again! Fingers crossed I haven’t spoken too soon!

I had taken a huge step back with my running since we moved home. Since changing my jobs and settling into a completely new way of life; no longer at university, living in fairly rural area, different working and waking hours etc! My running has really taken a nosedive. That is until recently. My short distance time has improved over the last few weeks and I’m getting out more consistently and more frequently again. Hurray!

Now it’s early days but I’m hoping that with quickly start to reflect on my long distance time. I also haven’t increased my run distance yet this year so that’s a whole new challenge.

What’s helped be get back to it? I’ve started running home from work. Well I run to my husbands work and he drives us home. Which means better terrain and acts as a why to calm down from a long day. It also means I can’t chicken out of going for a run. I’ve also done a few park runs which are great! If feeling ready to sign up for some events.

Im down to 27.22 for my 5km. The next goal? To get down under 27 mins again. I’m upping my distance next week but also aiming to improve that 5km time.

I’m drinking a lot more throughout the day. Stretching and I’ve been getting on the exercise bike in between or after runs. There’s an improvement happening so hopefully I won’t loose momentum!

Wish me luck.

Happy running!

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