The food fanatic and her fussy eater: cheesy loaf.

Cheesy loaf and soup for dinner. I love making bread and we are both big bread lovers. I decided to try it out with cheese added in ! The recipe was already really easy and simple so I just chucked some cheese into the mix.


250g strong Plain whit flour

250g Wholemeal flour

300ml Butter milk

Teaspoon of Salt

Teaspoon of Bicarbonate of soda.

50g strong cheddar cheese (I’ll try adding a-bit more next time)

Two tables spoons of milk

All cooked at 200 (fan) for 35 minuets.

The method is nice and straightforward forward: the dry ingredients are thrown in a bowl and mixed well.

All the wet ingredients are then poured in slowly to combine. Minimum kneading is needed so it’s quick to make. I used my hands to combine it all, rolled it into a ball and then popped it on a baking tray and sliced the top.

It was pretty yummy. The top was nice and crispy the middle pretty soft. All the bread I make starts off looking like it’s going to be a disaster but when it comes out the oven it eventually looks good!

Add my fussy eater? Well in his words: “finger licking, tummy stretching, get in my belly yummy“ he has a way with words that one!!

I agree it tasted pretty good. What should I bake next???

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