Bucket list update: 141. Visit the British Museum.

I have been obsessed with visiting the British museum since watching The mummy as a kid. The 1999 film not the new one: which pales in comparison. I fell in love with the film and often rewatch it. It’s taken us ages to actually get out and visit the museum. (It’s now 2018! I think I first want the film when I was 11 – I’m now 25). But it’s stayed on my list of things todo.

The film is not set in the British museum but there is a short scene centred around it in the second film. And it does have lots of mummies.

I was not disappointed by my trip. The museum is wonderful. Spacious and beautifully laid out the exhibits are great. Everything from the lighting to the information displays has been done perfectly. It’s also really accessible without being gimmicky : there are stations where you can handle the history but no over the top light displays intended to make the museum exciting but in fact are often battered and broken. There where a few schools there and they seemed to be loving it (even without flashing lights).

Of course I loved the mummies and hieroglyphs but I also really enjoyed the African exhibit, the ancient Greeks and the China exhibit, just to mention a few, in short all the exhibits there great. I really recommend a visit. Entry is free! We went on a week day so the line was short and there was plenty of space and no crowds. You can easily spend the whole day there is so much to see.

I’d recommend visiting the mummies after or just before lunch as it’s at the top of the building and is easily the most popular exhibit.

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