The food fanatic and her fussy eater: Eating out in London.

No recipes today! I haven’t had to cook for a little while because we have had a mini holiday. A few days away. The first night was a set menu in the Tower of London; my fussy eater liked none of it and only ate 2 new potato’s (begrudgingly). I quite liked most of the food. I always think set menus are so hard because you can never please everyone. Especially not my fussy eater!! I genuinely dread a set menu at wedding and event because I know he will struggle. I always think giving people an option is best but not always possible.

We did start our night out in All Bar One near the Tower of London. I felt overdressed as I was dressed up for the dinner night; but the cocktails where amazing! And the gin was fab too. I’d definitely go back.

For the rest of our trip we had all London to choose from. But where do you take a fussy eater in London??

Day two breakfast: my husband not big on breakfast so I grabbed an almond croissant from the cafe in the hotel. It was pretty yummy and the coffee wasn’t bad. The service was always brilliant in the hotel the staff where always friendly and chatty.

Day two lunch: we ate in the British Museum which had a great collection of yummy cakes. I had a salad bowl and scones so was pretty happy with myself. We also went for coffee and a glass of wine in Le Pain Quotidien a bakery and restaurant in convent garden. We didn’t try any food but the wine was pretty great and the location spectacular. We just sat their and people watched.

Day two dinner: we went to Maxwells gill in Covent Garden. The cocktails where lovely and not badly priced. I didn’t think much of the service , in fact the service would put me off going again. But the food, the food was so so good! Hubby was happy with his BBQ chicken and chips. Although he did order corn on the cob with cajian butter it was too spicy for him! My friend and I had the fajitas to share and they where fab! £33 for two people and there was definitely more than enough to share: stake, prawns and chicken. You have your own pot of cheese and a pot of dips to share. The Grill has a real cool feel with low lighting and loud music. We went on a Friday night so it was pretty busy but not chaotically so.

Day 3 breakfast: Copa club for pancakes and bacon! What else do you need for your last day? Karl had the skillet breakfast. It was massive and after swapping some bits out (the healthy stuff) he was pretty happy. The restaurant is lovely and the service to start with was super quick. we had our breakfast within 7 mins of ordering. The pancakes where really yummy but a-bit on the cool side but Karl’s was all hot. He seemed pretty happy when we left. The service wasn’t so quick on getting our bill or seeing if we needed another drink but it had gotten much busier.

It’s nice to have a few days off cooking and have some yummy food out and about!

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