Tower of London Premier inn Hub.

We had a dinner night in London this week. Due to a chaotic few weeks prior we hadn’t planned our time away very well. A week before we where due to go we still didn’t have our hotel booked. So cue a scramble to get ourselves organised. Karl booked us into a premier inn. Not your normal premier inn but a hub. I looked up reviews online but didn’t have much time to check it out. We weren’t planning on spending long in the hotel so our main reason for picking this one was it was pretty close to the Tower of London where our meal was. I didn’t fancy walking too far in my fancy frock and high heels. At £230 for two people, for two nights, it wasn’t badly priced especially for London.

It was a 30 min walk from Waterloo Station and was pretty easy to find; there was a big purple marker on the side reading HUB. Which is handy when you have no idea where you are!

– all less than 10 min walk

We entered through the little bar/cafe and as we where a little early grabbed a beer (walking is thirsty work). £8 for two bottle of bud isn’t bad.

The hotel was pretty central to lots of lovely sights and loads of different places to drink and eat – my kind of hotel.

All bar one – 5 mins away

Checking in should have been easy but the guy had no idea what he was doing. Eventually we where on our way to the 6th floor, to our room. The hotel was really clean and well kept.

The rooms are tiny and compact. Our room had everything we needed; although I was gutted when I realised there was no kettle! You help yourself to the tea and filter coffee downstairs which turned out to be less of a problem than I thought it would.

The bathroom was a bit strange half frosted and half clear glass so you definitely wouldn’t stay there if you didn’t know your travel partner well (You can hear every wee you complain does). Unfortunately we also hered next door’s too! The bathroom was strange but it stopped the room from being too dark especially as there was no window! I actually didn’t really notice the lack of windows.

All the lights where control via an app on Karl’s phone or by touch screen buttons just above the bed. Although I’m rubbish with technology I found it all easy to use and not as intimidating as I thought I would.

We where only there for a few days so we spent hardly any time in the room. The bed was soft, the TV connected to our phones and there was free Wi-fi (which is a great perk!). The room even had a doorbell which is surprisingly uncommon in hotel rooms.

Having to go downstairs for coffee wasn’t too bad in that it guaranteed karl got up in the morning. The cafe wasn’t bad at all I grabbed a quick breakfast from the cafe downstairs on the first morning. It was pretty popular and always seemed to be full of people enjoying themselves.

Check out was easy and overall are stay was great I’d definitely recommend a Hub for a few days in london!

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