Big-dog-little-handler: Duke tries Agility.

Duke’s had a busy day, we tried agility for the first time! We have done some jumps in the garden; but never tunnels or a course. While looking at our training clubs new field we tried out a little course of jumps, a weave and tunnels. Our first ever real go!

Duke’s never seen a tunnel before now, let alone run through one! However he rocketed through without hesitation. Brave boy. Catching him on the other end was like being hit with a train! He breezed over most of the jumps and didn’t do too badly with the weave. A sneaky treat in one hand and he followed every command really well including running along side me.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

We are waiting for the fences to go up so he had to stay on the lead; but he loved it. He did get over excited at one point and give my arm a little nibble …but I can forgive him that.

The most important part of today was he managed to stay pretty chilled around his 4 legged friends. He barked a bit once or twice but on the whole was pretty calm and well behaved! A far cry from the dog who whined, cried, jumped, howled and was out of control every time he saw another dog. I can’t help but feel proud of my handsome chap! He also found a girl friend – aren’t they cute?

The one thing that did shock me was how much hard work running round the course was! I was shattered by the end and I’m pretty fit! Safe to say I think Duke and I are excited for our next go.

This video doesn’t exist

Today a tunnel, tomorrow? Who knows?


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