Big-dog-little-handler: oh how they test us.

We have had endless progress with Duke off the lead. We have been in the sea and up and down the beach. It’s been blissful. The progress has really surprises me.

I love watching him run free! We have even been able to distract him from horses, runners, strange walkers/runners with sticks and other dogs. He’s been awesome.

He has improved so much. He is amazing!

Oh wait… maybe I spoke too soon. Because this week Duke has tested me to almost breaking point with his recall – or more accurately lack of. I could have done the hula with a steak in each hand and he wouldn’t have batted an eyelid. He didn’t run off per-say he just completely ignored me and flopped down safely out of reaching distance and munched on his ball. Frustrating to say the least. I blew the whistle, yelled, squeaked his ball, whole 9 yards – no response. He just walked off whenever I got within reaching distance.

I’m hoping he’s been tiered. Our routine has been supercharged of late and we have had a few runs together. So I’m hoping that is the explanation. We will see how he behaves on our group walk Sunday!!

Strangely he’s been brilliant when running together, really controlled but a-bit reluctant to pick up the pace (he use to rocket off). He’s not pulled on walks and has been really really good at training. So why the big change in responding to his recall??!! It breaks me it really does. I worry so much about him getting himself in trouble (and me) because he hasn’t come back when called. He comes back in the house and in training class and I’ve been taking him to places without distractions. It’s killing me! Where are we going wrong.

With a face like this I can’t stay mad at him long though….

Wish us luck as we prey for improvement again!

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