Big-dog-little-handler: It’s not always progress and achievement.

Duke always seems to be getting better. Always seems to be improving, learning new things, over coming problems. He is a wonder dog really. I don’t give him enough credit for how amazing he really is.

One day he is unable to go off the lead, with a little work he’s suddenly off lead and being good as gold!

But, and this is a big but, sometimes he misbehaves. Sometimes he messes up. Sometimes he messes up in a small way and others he messes up big style!

For example Thursday he dragged me face first through a bush of thistle and stinging nettles! I wasn’t best impressed to say the least. Why did he do this?? He decided last minuet to chase a badger! He wasn’t bothered by it at all till it was within reaching grasp. My face stung for hours.

Last week at agility he decided to run around like mad dog halfway through. Frustrating me greatly. In fact today running round the course he decided he needed to keep chasing one of the other dogs . What a pest! He loves the jumps and tunnels but give him the opportunity to annoy another dog and he is on it.

He also decided to chew through one of his leads the other day! – it really did feel never ending!

So it’s not been smooth sailing last few days! And sometimes you get bogged down in the bad behaviour and forget to celebrate the good! This was definitely me the last few days.

But he’s also been off the lead loads; and been really well behaved. When he goes round the agility course calmly he does it really well and controlled! Last week we even came face to face with a cyclists and he DIDN’T chase it! (What a win that one was). He’s also started sleeping outside our bedroom door without waking us up or miss behaving. Recently we aren’t using the stair gates as much, and he isn’t dragging me towards other dogs and people in public! Amazing really… maybe I should give him, and us, a-bit of slack. You have to take the rough with the smooth.

playing with his friends

Off the lead

Walking well with out a halti

I’m so impressed with my boys improvement. It’s still hard not to get cross with him when he takes a backwards step – but maybe you have to count the forward steps and not the backward ones!

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