Dorset Dog Walks Pt2!

We love to explore. Dog walks round Dorset are brilliant. Since we took Duke home we have been exploring as much of Dorset as we can. You can find part one of our favourite walks here. Wether it’s beach, woods or riverbank we are there.

Lulworth castle

Lulworth castle is a brilliant walk. Our favourite walk goes through the woods and round a large lake. Duke loves the water so the lake is brilliant for us. It gets really muddy in the winter but what’s a little mud when you are having fun?


I’m in love with ringstead and so is Duke. The water is lovely and the beach is a pebble one so no sand in your hair, shoes, car, clothes and dog! There’s a little woods and stream too which is great in hot weather. We walked from Osmington Mills to ringstead; the walk was great but very hot. Duke was thankful for the stream on the way.


This might be my new favourite walk. It starts with a run through the river and there is lots of puddles for the dogs to run through on a hot day. The only problem is it can get busy. We (just me, not duke and karl) love an early start as it means less people around. And you can stop off for breakfast in the Morton tea rooms on the way back.

Once you get past the river there is an expanse of forest and its great. There is only one field of cattle currently which you pass early in the walk so it isn’t too much trouble. The tea rooms are perfect for a stop off as they are dog friendly and do a great breakfast. There are horse riders every now and again but because the woods are sectioned off with large gates it’s easy to see who and what’s coming which is brilliant if you have a dog who is startled by horses or bikes. Or a large pack of dogs like who we where walking with!

West Lulworth

You can walk up the track and through the fields. The views are beautiful and the walks pretty lovely. We love it at the end of a day when the sun is getting ready to set. There is however badgers! My lad has a thing about badgers so I have to keep an eye out. I never let Duke off as I’m never sure which field has livestock in so it’s better to keep him on the lead. You can follow the tracks all the way to Lulworth cove, Durdle door, wool or winfrith.

Wareham River

Walking down the river is so lovely. Wareham is pretty dog friendly with lots of dog friendly pubs and lots of dog walkers. We kept our boy on a lead because the river is quite close to the road. Wareham is a lovely town and is perfect for a calm walk and a big lunch.

Wareham Walls

The Saxon walls have footpaths along the top. There are beautiful views of River Piddle and Wareham town. You can see wildflowers and dear grazing in nearby fields.

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