Bucket list update: 105. Watch a play I would never have thought of watching.

It’s easy to get use to watching the same old thing; after all why fix it if it isn’t broken? I love the theatre but find I tend to only go and see musicals. Growing up I use to watch all sorts of things. My Aunty was a stage manager so I was lucky enough to see a wide range of shows when I visited. I think I get my love of theatre from her.

This weekend we went to watch something a little different; Shitfaced Shakespeare. The premise is simple, 6 classically trained Shakespearean actors, one of which is totally bladdered! Drunk beyond reason. They perform one of Shakespeare’s well know shows despite one of them being well and truly smashed. This time it was Romeo and Juliet. The play attempts to continue though the drunken antics; with some truly fabulous improvisation weaving the ridiculous antics of the ratfaced cast member into the fabric of the play. It’s funny, maybe the funniest thing I have ever watched.

Now if your worried about the drunken cast member; they are well looked after by their sober counterparts and the drunken part is rotated amongst the cast members. Which also means it’s different every time.

The drunken cast member continues to drink through the show and there’s even some audience participation. The rest of the actors continue through to deliver brilliant performances; I don’t know how they manage to keep a straight face let alone deliver their lines with the madness coming from one of their cast members.

My belly actually hurt from giggling when I left. If you want something different and don’t mind a bit of bad language and foolery this is something you HAVE to see. Check it out:


I will definitely watch more shows that are out of my norm from now on. And I’ll be seeing this one again.

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