The food fanatic and her fussy eater: London Eating!

A few weeks ago I spent my weekend in the capital; without my fussy eater! This gave me a chance to eat out in places I wouldn’t normally and not have to worry about husband friendly dinners. Afternoon tea, baked camembert and doughnuts were all on the list (although the hubby would quite frankly love to have doughnuts so I did bring him one back!)

Afternoon tea:

I was in London to see my best friend so Afternoon Tea was high on the agenda. We chose to go somewhere a little special this time and opted for a Alice in Wonderland themed affair; it was fantastic. The sandwiches where delicious and I even tried a little bit of caviar (which mostly tasted of the cream cheese it was sat on). The cakes were stunning and there was real attention paid to the beautiful little treats. The setting was also gorgeous and covered in props; the menu sat in a little Alice in Wonderland book, flamingos were dotted around the courtyard and the sugar was kept in a little music box. There was even a mini ‘drink me’ fruit drink.  The service was lovely and the courtyard quite peaceful despite being relatively busy. We had a fabulous time the food was great, there was so much to eat we went home with a goodie bag, the experience is well worth a try!


Wine, Gin and Cocktails:

We had a few gins and a few cocktails on this trip! I know cocktails/gin aren’t food but they kind of count! Our first drinks were in ‘The loft’ in Wimbledon. It was packed and very, very warm but once we had a gin in hand we didn’t mind so much. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. The gin was pretty good!


We had cocktails in ‘All Bar One’ which is one of my favourite places for a drink. However on this occasion the services really let the experience down! which is a shame; it was pretty busy so I didn’t mind waiting but the staff were unusually rude. Cocktails there are so good though! we also had baked camembert to tides us over till dinner. We had gone to All Bar One after running in the British 10Km so it was pack as runners headed to the local bars and restaurants. We definitely needed the food after running and as always it was yummy; I wouldn’t let one bad experience put me off because I’ve always had such a good time there.


Wine was found in the charming little-big pub ‘The Dickens Inn’ it looks like it should be a little country pub but it is just round the corner from the Tower of London; it’s so beautiful. The staff were great and the atmosphere was as good as the wine (which was fab). The flowers covering the balconies were so pretty and although it was pretty packed it was really easy to relax there and forget you where in the middle of a busy city.



Basically we ate a LOT of pudding.

The Doughnut shop was definitely the best thing ever! ‘Doughnut time’. If you are in London go have a doughnut. Go. They look like they will protentional be sickly but they’re actually really well balanced and are just enough to stop you feeling ill from sugar overload ! The icing isn’t as think as it looks as well which helps. I brought one home for my fussy eater and he was very impressed! This shop was an Instagram find so I’m pretty happy with that; at around £5 a doughnut the price really isn’t bad either.


One of my favourite things to do in London is find some good food and we most definitely succeeded at that ! Know of anywhere good to eat in London?? let me know for my next visit

Happy eating !

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