Bucket list update: 251. Go for a themed Afternoon Tea.

I love afternoon tea! I’ve been to some pretty good ones. There is something wonderful about endless cups of tea and a steady supply of yummy sandwiches and sweet treats, oh and scones! I do love scones. I’ve been for some ‘posh afternoon teas’ in some truly lovely locations, but I kept seeing themed teas on Instagram, and they just look so amazing . What a great idea right? It had to go on the bucket list (obviously) so my best friend and I popped along to the wonderful Mad Hatter Tea in London. Which as you can guess is Alice In Wonderland themed. This one caught my eye because I love the books and the pictures were just stunning. It is on the pricey side for an afternoon but is well worth every penny! A beautiful setting, a well-executed theme and absolutely scrummy food; what more could you ask for? The hotel is in the centre of London, not that you can tell once you are inside, and you have two hours to spend in the little word they have created. They are definitely selling the experience with all the little touches carefully thought through right down to the menu appearing in little books, drink me potions and cleverly named loose leaf teas. The place setting are also stunning. I loved the deccour, a little waterfall and flamingos dotted around the place, the flower covered swing is a sweet touch and so is the crowned teapots and cute music boxes. All in all it’s a very precious experience.

The food was beautifully made and tasted so good. I’m glad I popped this one on the list as it’s definitely a delightful experience. So what next? Afternoon tea at the Ritz !

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